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The Walls Are Closing In On Bill Clinton – New Evidence Suggests Epstein Brought 8 Women To White House

The Walls Are Closing In On Bill Clinton – New Evidence Suggests Epstein Brought 8 Women To White House

What’s Happening:

Much news has been coming out over the late Jeffrey Epstein, after his former associate Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted. Eyes have been turning back to what this disgraced businessman had been up to in the past. And it seems like a few birds are coming back home to roost, for a certain infamous president.

It is common knowledge that Bill Clinton rubbed shoulders with Jeffrey Epstein. But he and his wife have long denied a close connection with the man. It seems, however, that history does not agree with the Clintons’ claims.

In fact, word is coming out that Epstein did visit the Clinton White House. And he was not alone. From The Western Journal:

Beginning shortly after Clinton’s inauguration in 1993, Epstein made the first of 17 visits to the People’s House, bringing along at least four known girlfriends and several other female companions…

Maxwell, who is in prison awaiting sentencing, appears to have joined Epstein in September 1993 in attending a swanky reception after the financier donated $10,000 to the White House Historical Association for renovation projects, becoming the first of his eight companions over the next roughly two years, the Mail reported.

Well, isn’t this interesting? Bill Clinton has long claimed to have little connection with Epstein and his sordid activities. But recent revelations show that Epstein made numerous visits to the White House while Clinton was in power. And he brought at least eight women with him—to the People’s House.

One visit to the White House can be dismissed. After all, people attend events there all the time. But reports claim Epstein visited the president’s home at least 17 times. That’s a lot of visits to the White House, for someone Clinton claims he barely knew.

Why was Epstein, a businessman connected with heinous crimes, visiting Clinton’s White House so much? He did donate money to the White House Historical Association, which granted him at least one visit.

Was he constantly giving money to the Clinton administration? If so, why? Why was this man such a frequent fixture at the White House?

Does Clinton really want us to believe Epstein was there so often, and he didn’t know it? Are we to believe Epstein and his lady friends were just taking the White House tour? Or was he getting up close treatment with Bill himself?

We can’t say for sure. But this certainly raises many questions. Perhaps somebody should launch an investigation?

Key Takeaways:

  • A new report claims Jeffrey Epstein visited Clinton’s White House 17 times.
  • Each time, he brought with him a number of women.
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton long claim they were not close associates of the disgraced figure.

Source: The Western Journal



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