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The Foundation For A Social Credit System To Take Root In The USA Just Became A Reality

A series of events in the United States and Canada has planted the roots for a social credit system to become a reality in the West.

It began when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau imposed unprecedented powers allowing banks to freeze the accounts of protestors and those who support the protests.

The Canadian government wants financial institutions to stop cash withdrawals, “issue a loan, extend a mortgage or more generally facilitate “any transaction” of a “designated person” while the Emergencies Act is in place.

From the CBC:

Banks also are required to “disclose without delay” the “existence of property in their possession or control” or “any information about a transaction or proposed transaction” related to a “designated person” to both the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

“Those authorities are now in force and they’re being used,” said Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino. “It’s incredibly important that we follow the money.”

A designated person is being defined as anyone who donated to the freedom convoy or is a protestor.

Things are now going a step farther, Trudeau’s Justice Minister is threatening American’s stating he will work to freeze bank accounts of Trump supporters who donated to the protests.

Additionally, American news outlets are doxxing people that donated to the convoy and ratting them out to their employers.

All of this is the root of a Chinese/Great Reset type social credit system.

If the regime doesn’t like who you support, boom you are no longer allowed to have a bank account. Pretty soon you mayy not be able to buy a car because a lender may not approve you if they a person donates to cause they don’t like.

Creditors are also floating making credit more accessible if only you would offer up your web browsing history. The big question is who approves what sites increase credit?

We are not too far away from American’s being denied the ability to buy a home because they clicked on Fox News.

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