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Texas Just Lone-Starred President Biden – Federal Court Gives The Southern State An Injunction Against Mandates

Texas Just Lone-Starred President Biden – Federal Court Gives The Southern State An Injunction Against Mandates

What’s Happening:

Much has been said about Joe Biden’s infamous mandates. And, despite widespread backlash, the Democrat continues to push new mandates, almost daily. Numerous businesses, states, and private entities have sued the administration. Some of these cases have reached the Supreme Court.

The state of Texas has taken Biden to court again and again. The attorney general has vowed to oppose Biden’s agenda at every turn. Once again, Biden has issued a double-headed mandate, for a program directed at children. The state took this one to court and a federal judge just gave his ruling.

From Fox News:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton scored what he considered to be a “win for the children of Texas” after a federal judge ruled against vaccine and mask mandates for Head Start programs initiated by the Biden administration…

The new rules issued last month require children over 2 in Head Start programs to wear masks, while the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is requiring staff, contractors and volunteers in the program to be vaccinated by the end of January.

Biden issued mandates for children and staff involved in the Head Start program. The rules would have barred families from participating if they did not comply. And, it could be assumed, staff and volunteers would be fired if they did not bend the knee to old Joe.

But a federal judge halted the required mandates for the funding of this program, meaning Biden’s lost once again. AG Paxton called this a “win” for Texas children and their parents. He blasted Biden for trying to “make decisions” that should be left up to parents.

This is a common trend we’ve been seeing since Biden took office. His mandates are taking important decisions from the hands of Americans. Instead of individuals deciding what they should do about these issues, Biden thinks the government knows better. That is particularly nefarious when it comes to children.

Do you think the government should be deciding your child’s fate? Should Biden and his D.C. swamp dwellers force children to be subjected to their whims—when we know politics tend to influence their policies more than medical science?

I’m sure there are more than a few parents who strongly reject that notion. And not just in Texas. Parents have been pushing back against the far left in schools all over the country. It seems this fight could extend beyond the Lone Star State soon enough.

Key Takeaways:

  • Texas sued the Biden administration over mandates for the Head Start program.
  • A federal judge halted the requirements, in another blow to Biden’s agenda.
  • AG Paxton called the ruling a “win” for Texas children and parents.

Source: Fox News

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