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Taiwan Suspends Second Round of Pfizer CΟVID Vаccines for Children Due to Heart Problems

Taiwan Suspends Second Round of Pfizer CΟVID Vаccines for Children Due to Heart Problems

Joe Biden and his liberal supporters have been pressing for every single American arm to “get the CΟVID jаb”. The Biden administration is trying to enforce unconstitutional CΟVID vаccine mandates across a wide spectrum of our nation.

Now, even children are being coerced into kowtowing to big government mandates. To date, kids have only been subjected to distasteful vаccine propaganda. However, at what point will children be turned away from school because parents don’t feel a rapidly approved medicine is right for their child?

What is even more frightening is the minimal research that has been done on how these vаccines might affect kids and young adults. These are the same children that science proves are only minimally at risk from serious illness, and are poor transmitters of the CΟVID virus.

Despite cautionary voices from medical professionals, the Biden administration is doubling down on efforts to force vаccinations on everyone. There is no discussion about natural immunity. There are few people talking about the potential side effects of the CΟVID vаccination either.

The failure to talk about these important topics is especially critical for children. No one really knows how these vаccinations will affect young kids. No one in the Biden administration cares. They insist we must get the shot, or be labeled “anti-vax conspiracy freaks”.

That is far from accurate. Parents simply want to know their children are getting a medicine that is safe. They want to be assured that their children will not suffer from side effects far worse than anything a bout with CΟVID could cause.

Recently, developments in Taiwan may cement parent’s concerns. Taiwanese officials have suspended the second round of the Pfizer CΟVID vаccinations. They removed their approval for a second dose until grave concerns about the health risks for teenagers is addressed.

Taiwan made its decision despite continued efforts in the United States’ to coerce children to “get the jаb”. The head of Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center officially suspended future shots for ages 12 to 17 amid grave concerns over the risk of myocarditis.

The Pfizer vаccine is linked to 75 percent of the myocarditis cases. Despite alarming evidence that puts young teenagers at a 10 times higher risk of developing heart problems after the second dose, U.S. officials are still pushing vаccinations.

Other nations, such as Hong Kong, have altered their vаccine recommendations because of these serious health risks. However, the United States, where much of the data is being produced, has done nothing. The liberal Biden administration is recklessly focused on one thing.

They want to force every single American, including children, to get a CΟVID shot regardless of the potential consequences. It’s about enforcing a government mandate, not the health and safety of the people. The evidence is obvious. CΟVID is not about the science.

It never has been. The pandemic has produced a convenient way to enforce governmental control over every aspect of our lives. Now, senseless CΟVID policy, not the virus itself, is creating another potential health crisis; this time for our children.

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