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Swing State Candidate Turns Heads For 2022 – GOP’s Lombardo Just Broke Fundraising Record In Nevada

Swing State Candidate Turns Heads For 2022 – GOP’s Lombardo Just Broke Fundraising Record In Nevada

What’s Happening:

We’ve talked about Republicans’ growing momentum going into the midterm elections. It appears that, as Democrats are losing steam, the GOP is kicking butt and taking names. Polls suggest that Democrats are in for a disaster. Recent special elections show that Americans are ready to give liberals their walking papers.

But this trend is extending beyond D.C. elections. The swing state of Nevada will be voting for its next governor this year. Several Republican candidates are vying for a chance to unseat Democrat Steve Sisolak. And it appears one candidate is breaking out from the pack, setting a new record.

From Fox News:

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, one of nine GOP candidates who are vying for the party’s nomination, announced on Tuesday that his campaign has raised $3.1 million since entering the Nevada gubernatorial race in late June…

The fundraising haul is a record-breaking one for a nonelection year, outraising any Democrat or Republican candidate, as well as any incumbent or challenger, in state history, Lombardo’s campaign said.

Republican candidate for Nevada governor, Joe Lombardo, announced a record-breaking fundraising haul. Lombardo was able to raise $3.1 million since announcing his candidacy in June of last year. This is more than any other candidate in the state history, be they Republican or Democrat.

This is pretty significant since Biden won this state in 2020 by three points. But, as in other states, voters have been disgusted and outraged over Biden and Democrats’ failed leadership. In Virginia, voters rejected Democrats last November to elect a Republican governor. This was in a state considered a blue stronghold for years.

Nevada is more of a swing state than VA. So, Democrats have even more reason to worry about Lombardo’s rise in popularity. Lombardo is also a Clark County Sheriff, which should help him win over law-and-order voters. With so many Democrats pushing pro-crime policies, voters will flock behind a candidate who promises to uphold our laws.

That could be one of the reasons Lombardo go out in front so quickly. Americans have watched in shock as Democrats embraced lawlessness. From “defund the police” to Biden’s open border, Democrats appear hellbent on ignoring our laws and rewarding dangerous criminals. But something tells us that a man like Lombardo won’t let that happen in Nevada.

Key Takeaways:

  • GOP candidate for Nevada governor outraised all other candidates.
  • His $3.1 million haul is the largest of any candidate in state history.
  • The candidate is a Clark County Sheriff, one of nine GOP candidates.

Source: Fox News

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