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Supreme Court Shakes Up Liberal Holy Grail – Justices Agree To Take On Discrimination Case For Harvard

Supreme Court Shakes Up Liberal Holy Grail – Justices Agree To Take On Discrimination Case For Harvard

What’s Happening:

For years, we’ve heard whispers about the admission practices of major universities. People accused schools of higher learning of prioritizing certain students, even rejecting applications from others.

Critics have even claimed that major institutions prioritize applicants based on race—the very thing liberals call discrimination.

Well now, the wheels are being blown off this car. Two groups are calling out Harvard University and UNC for supposed discriminatory admissions practices. Lower courts rejected these cases, protecting these wealthy schools.

But the Supreme Court had other plans. From Fox News:

The Supreme Court Monday agreed to hear two cases against U.S. colleges for allegedly “penalizing Asian American applicants” and using “race as a factor in admissions,” a step that could affect affirmative action and equity programs in higher education…

“African-American and Hispanic students with PSAT scores of 1100 and up are invited to apply to Harvard, but white and Asian-American students must score a 1350…. In some parts of the country, Asian-American applicants must score higher than all other racial groups, including whites, to be recruited by Harvard.”

This case has the potential to fundamentally alter the way we see higher education. And the fact that it has reached the Supreme Court means big things could change. Students have sued Harvard and UNC, accusing them of discriminating against applicants, particularly Asian Americans.

According to their complaint, these schools encourage black and Hispanic students to apply if they get a PSAT score of 1100 or higher. But white applicants and Asian-American applications have to score much higher, 1350 or more.

In some schools, Asian-Americans are discriminated against even more, having to earn a higher score than that.

Gee, this looks like discrimination to us. It seems these schools are showing some students special treatment, based on their race. Other students are denied even the ability to apply, because of their racial background. Isn’t that the opposite of what progressives want? Isn’t that what they call “racism”?

Why does a black student get to apply with an 1100 score, but an Asian student can’t? Aren’t they both American citizens with equal rights under the law? Isn’t an Asian-American student just as smart with an 1100 as a black student? Why would Harvard and these other schools set such biased standards?

It seems obvious when you think about it. These schools want to brag about how “diverse” they are. And to them, that means having as many black and Hispanic students as possible. Because more white and Asian-American students go to college, it would look like they were being discriminatory if they solely based admissions on test scores.

But it’s discrimination either way. And what the Supreme Court decides could blast a hole in their ugly policy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Supreme Court will hear a case about admissions discrimination in colleges.
  • The case revolves around how schools have different standards, based on race.
  • The cases originally were aimed at Harvard and UNC.

Source: Fox News



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