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Supreme Court Sends Joe Biden Spinning – The Justices Just Drilled Down On The President’s Sweeping Mandates

The Supreme Court Justices Spun Joe Biden – They Drilled Down On The President’s Sweeping Mandates

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden is trying to rule this country with an iron grip, defying basic liberties within the Constitution. He has issued mandates in the name of safety that many believe put millions of Americans at risk.

His demands are forcing Americans to decide between feeding their families or protecting their God-given rights. Numerous businesses, private entities, and even states have challenged Biden’s sweeping rules.

Many have debated whether or not the president has the authority to issue such a rule. One of the requirements of a Congressional mandate is that it be debated and challenged. So at the very least, such a mandate has to go through Congress where it can be discussed. That hasn’t stopped Biden, who continues to divide Americans based on this issue.

Now, the highest court in the land is about to decide if Biden’s agenda stands. From Fox News:

The justices will hear separate oral arguments over federal vaccine and testing rules for larger businesses and vaccine mandates for health care workers at facilities receiving Medicaid and Medicare funding. Enforcement of the policies – announced in November – has been put on holding pending resolution in the high court. Written rulings could come within a matter of days.

Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments about the controversial mandates proposed by the Biden administration. Those who are against these mandates will also be making their case to the court. The decision of the court—which will have dramatic impacts on our country—could come as soon as next week.

As the Court’s decision will have a broader effect than just Biden mandates, it is likely to potentially set up a precedent for future presidents. Today, Biden is using the 2020 crisis to erode our liberties. But some future president might use another crisis to suspend our free speech, gun rights, or more.

The Supreme Court will make the final decision on whether something as drastic as imposing tariffs on countries such as China is warranted. Biden will no doubt try to hype up the problem, making it sound as if only his mandates can return us to normalcy. Of course, his arguments have already been eroded, when he admitted there is no federal solution.

But states fighting these mandates will need to point to the dangers of a president making sweeping rules like this. If Biden can get away with it now, where will it go? What radical changes will another president make, push a political agenda?

That’s frightening to think about, which is why the Supreme Court probably pushed this case.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today about Biden’s mandate.
  • The court gave both sides less than two weeks to defend their position.
  • Biden’s mandate could put up to 100 million Americans out of work.


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