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Supreme Court Retirement Leaker Gets Revealed – Turns Out It Was President Biden’s Chief Of Staff Ron Klain

Supreme Court Retirement Leaker Gets Revealed – Turns Out It Was President Biden’s Chief Of Staff Ron Klain

What’s Happening:

Last week, the Internet was in a frenzy when it came out that Supreme Court Justice Breyer was retiring. Liberals were quick to forget about the work of this respected justice to speculate on whom Biden would pick to replace him.

It was almost overlooked that Breyer did not officially announce his retirement; that is was leaked by someone inside the Supreme Court or White House.

We considered the left had deliberately leaked it, to pressure Breyer into retiring. It was also conveniently timed, as Biden was suffering some of his worst days yet. Someone within Biden’s administration could have leaked it to the press to distract from Ukraine and other crises. And what do you know, we were right.

From Townhall:

Now we know White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain reportedly shared the news with a number of Democratic Senators on Capitol Hill, eventually making it to the media.

“So I think it must have been Wednesday morning when I received a surprise call at 9:30 a.m. from Ron Klain, not a usual person to call me. I think the first time he’s ever called me. He said the president wanted me to know that Stephen Breyer was about to announce his retirement from the court and they were telling a limited number of people and that I should keep it confidential,” Sen. Dick Durbin told reporters Monday. “That’s what confidential on Capitol Hill leads to, I guess.”

According to Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin, Biden’s Chief of State Ron Klain told him about Stephen Breyer’s retirement. In fact, he was telling a “limited number” of people, perhaps a number of liberals in Congress. Klain told them all to keep it confidential, despite the fact he was not doing the same.

Even Sen. Durbin sounded upset that the news leaked to the media. Stephen Breyer himself was reportedly upset that this news came out without his permission. We suspected someone in the White House did this, to ensure Breyer couldn’t back out. Democrats have been lobbying to get him to retire for over a year so that Biden could fill his seat.

Ron Klain is no stranger to controversy. His tweets and other statements have gotten him into trouble before. In fact, one retweet of his convinced the Supreme Court to knock down one of Biden’s infamous mandates. Prior to that, Klain’s name has been connected to other leaks.

Klain might not have leaked the news to the media himself, but why was he going around telling people? He would have known one of the people he told would mention to a staff member or intern, who would have quickly blabbed it to the press. If it was “confidential” why did he call Durbin, who said he rarely heard from him?

If this were a legitimate administration, we’d expect Klain to be fired on the spot. His lack of judgment and reckless behavior insulted a respected justice. But this is the Biden administration. We don’t even know for sure if Biden is really in charge.

So, Klain could be fired. Or he could live to leak again.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ron Klain is the man behind the leak of Supreme Court Justice Breyer’s retirement.
  • Durbin revealed Klain was telling “a limited number of people” the news.
  • Soon after that, it ended up being leaked to the media.

Source: Townhall



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