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Supreme Court Retirement Could Sink Biden – Liberal Pick Would Damage Midterm Chances, Slow Appointments

Supreme Court Retirement Could Sink Biden – Liberal Pick Would Damage Midterm Chances, Slow Appointments

What’s Happening:

It’s easy to see how Justice Breyer’s retirement announcement was timed to help Joe Biden. He was sinking with low approval numbers and a crisis brewing in Ukraine (thanks to his own comments).

The news was “leaked” by White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain. The plan was probably to give Biden a boost, by promising to appoint a woman of color to the new seat.

But chances are, this is not the win Biden is hoping for it to be. Because the process to confirm a justice to the highest court in the land will slow down other, needed appointments, stalling his agenda.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court appointment could be a net-negative for his judicial legacy, as the confirmation process will gum up the works for lower court nominees awaiting hearings and final votes…

“Supreme Court confirmations generally take about two months, sometimes faster, from nomination to confirmation,” said Mike Davis, a former nominations chief for Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa). “And the lower court nominations generally get put on the back-burner and all eyes—and resources—focus on the Supreme Court nominee.”

Worse than that is what happens after Biden announces his pick. He if does bend to the far left and pick a radical candidate, Republicans will have even more leverage in November.

From The Federalist:

With midterm elections later this year, Biden naming an extremist to the high court positions Republicans perfectly to talk about the importance of elections—and specifically control of the Senate.

The nomination of a far-left candidate will also provide an opportunity during the confirmation process for Republicans to highlight the recent public revelations of the Democratic Party’s true far-left goals.

As “president,” Joe Biden is responsible for filling federal court vacancies. Donald Trump broke records with the number of judges he appointed. Biden, last year, only appointed 40. If the Senate is forced to go ahead with a Supreme Court confirmation process, all those other seats will take the back burner. It’s well known that lower courts decide more cases than the Supreme Court.

So, Biden picking a Breyer replacement will jeopardize the left’s plan to get more liberal judges on these other courts.

On top of that, Republicans are in a good position with the midterms approaching. If Biden picks a radical activist to be Breyer’s replacement, Republicans can use this during the elections. If that nominee gets to the bench, Republicans will be able to motivate more voters to put them in charge of the Senate.

After all, this radical progressive would not have gotten onto the Supreme Court, had Republicans been running the show.

That would be added to the many missteps and crises Biden and the Democrats have created since taking over D.C. Americans are already ready to kick the left out of Congress and give Republicans a majority. What will they think if Democrats green light a radical socialist to the Supreme Court?

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden’s Supreme Court vacancy might be worse for him than he thinks.
  • The process will slow down other confirmations in many lower court vacancies.
  • If he picks a radical progressive, Republicans can use that in the upcoming midterms.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon, The Federalist



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