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Supreme Court Justices Accused Of Being ‘Nine Scorpions In A Bottle’ – Reports Claim That Justices Act Like A ‘Dysfunctional Family’

Supreme Court Justices Accused Of Being ‘Nine Scorpions In A Bottle’ – Reports Claim That Justices Act Like A ‘Dysfunctional Family’

What’s Happening:

Much of the country’s fate rests in the hands of nine justices. The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly on much of Biden’s toxic agenda. They struck down numerous bad policies, measures that affect the border and Americans’ rights. And soon, they could decide on whether Roe v. Wade stands.

But rumors are swirling about how the court gets along. Some are making the claim that the conservative and liberal wings are not getting along. They are being compared to previous courts which were “scorpions in a bottle.” A new report debunks that claim but suggests they still aren’t getting along.

From NPR:

Just over three years ago, Kagan and Sotomayor, speaking at Princeton University, talked about how hard all the justices work to maintain good relationships…We are not scorpions, Kagan and Sotomayor said…

These days, however, the elbows are a lot sharper. Some of it may be attributable to COVID and the bizarre conditions under which the court has had to conduct its business, without the usual set of full, in-person interactions.

A new report suggests growing tensions among both wings of the court. And, even among conservatives, people are claiming they are butting elbows for leadership. This comes as the court is about to rule on major cases that could strike a victory for millions of Americans, or uphold some of the left’s biggest holy grails.

It’s unclear how accurate this report is. The court is certainly not “divide” simply along political lines. Numerous recent rulings were either unanimous or had members from both wings voting together. While there will always be conflict with a group of diverse thinkers, there might be another agenda going on.

Democrats are terrified over Trump’s conservative majority. They fear what might happen if the court ends up voting against Roe. Already, we’ve seen Democrats try to undermine the court’s legitimacy with talks of packing the court.

Even Joe Biden tried to find an excuse for changing the court with his commission—an attempt that ultimately failed.

Is it possible the left is floating rumors of a troubled “family” so Americans won’t trust the court? Is the court as divided as they claim, or do they just want Americans opposing decisions like the ones that worked against Biden?

The court is the third branch of our government meant to check the other two. Yet Democrats feel they have the right to challenge the court, override the balance of powers intended by our Constitution. Perhaps we should take their claims with a grain of salt?

Key Takeaways:

  • Reports suggest the Supreme Court justices are not getting along.
  • Claims point back to old stories of “scorpions in a bottle.”
  • This comes as the court is set to rule on cases that could damage Biden’s agenda.

Source: NPR



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