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Stephanopoulos Claims Clinton Supporters Didn’t Riot After 2016 Election, Forgets 2017 Inauguration Day Riots

Hillary Clinton and her cast of co-conspirators are lost on reality. Crooked Hillary never accepted her loss to President Donald Trump. In fact, evidence is now surfacing that the corrupt Democrat Party, with Hillary as a ringleader, undermined President Trump’s attempts to govern.

It was the Clinton campaign funded Steele Dossier that triggered the entire Russia collusion hoax. Robert Mueller spent over two years investigating something that never happened. Well, at least as far as President Trump’s team is concerned.

There was Russian collusion. However, it was between Hillary Clinton and her corrupt Democrat operatives, not President Trump. There are even more instances where liberals are oblivious to the true reality. Clinton crony George Stephanopoulos chimed in recently.

The former Clinton official was asked about the sham January 6 committee currently trying to pin the chaos at the Capitol that day on President Trump. Stephanopoulos suggested with a straight face, at least Clinton supporters didn’t riot.

It appears Stephanopoulos’ memory is about as long as his attention span when presented with tough questions. President Trump beat Hillary in 2016. Anti-Trump fanatics mapped out a radical resistance movement almost immediately.

In January 2017, over 200 protesters marched on the Capitol. Radical anarchists from leftist organizations such as ANTIFA exploded cars and defaced property. More than 200 rioters were arrested during these “supposedly peaceful protests”.

No record of months-long detainment and federal charges can be found. Virtually every one of these radical liberals was either never arrested, released, or charges dropped. That’s a far cry from the horrific injustice that has been leveled against many of the January 6 protesters.

Organizers of the 2017 march hoped it would trigger a constant series of disruptions throughout the Trump presidency. It was at a women’s march, another anti-Trump protest disguised as a rally, that Madonna blasted, “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

We’re still searching for an arrest record or even an investigation into the obviously Clinton-connected singer. The liberal left cannot see the forest for the trees. They rail against any conservative push for accountability.

They’re the ones that have infused racism and anti-democracy rhetoric into every situation. Crooked Hillary tried to frame President Trump for Russian collusion. Her corruption angered millions of patriotic Americans.

As the country watched Joe Biden steal the 2020 Presidential Election, the fire of American pride burned. Hundreds of people ascended on the Capitol to protest “the big steal”. Poorly organized security, and suspicious baiting of protesters, led to an unfortunate chain of events.

What violence that did happen was isolated. It was, again, unfortunate. But to say that Hillary Clinton supporters did not riot is a blatant lie. Nevertheless, we should all be used to liberal lies by now. Clinton lied to orchestrate the biggest hoax in U.S. history.

Joe Biden had to cheat and steal his way into the White House. It’s funny how those pointing fingers at the supposed lying deplorable insurrectionists are actually the real lying deplorable insurrectionists.

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