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South African Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Variant Suggests We Shouldn’t Be Worried (VIDEO)

South African Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Variant Suggests We Shouldn’t Be Worried (VIDEO)

The virus has killed millions of people worldwide. COVID has altered day-to-day life dramatically. Across the last two years, various mutations have occurred.

Frequently, these changes in the virus’s genetic makeup have been used for a specific political narrative. Often, the newly discovered variant is characterized as yet another doom-and-gloom prediction for Draconian lockdowns and tyrannical mandates.

While haphazard to some degree, it seems just when the world begins to turn the proverbial “COVID corner” into more lax mandates, a new demon is announced. The latest world-changing variant has been discovered in South Africa.

As with most of the alarming projections portraying dire consequences cast about by the scientific community throughout the pandemic, Omicron is the newest twist. However, the South African doctor who discovered the variant has downplayed its potential severity.

Early indications point to a variant that has fewer symptoms, and the symptoms it does present are mild. As of yet, there is no data related to its transferability or propensity to overcome vaccinated or natural COVID immunity.

In fact, Dr. Angelique Coetzee feels there is little to nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, we’ve had multiple countries already slam the door on travel from South Africa. Joe Biden and his quack COVID team are weighing the viability of similar restrictions being leveled by the U.S.

Yes, this is the same Joe Biden who said President Trump was xenophobic for announcing travel restrictions on various parts of the world. Another indication of the liberal tendency to do whatever fits their narrative.

Moreover, the possible reinstituting of lockdowns, plus a return to mask mandates, is being contemplated around the world. No one has a shred of evidence to support that this variant will be unlike any of the dozens of other twists COVID has thrown at scientists.

Most have been minor alterations to try to cement the virus’s hold on humanity. What these variants have accomplished; however, is to help cement excess government control over the population. No one can deny that COVID is not a dangerous health problem for the vulnerable.

However, there are millions who have acquired natural COVID immunity. By the same token, there is no one discussing how well natural immunity is working against variants. You will not easily find these discussions anywhere. They do not fit the narrative.

The narrative has been the same for any and all the dozens of COVID variants that have been discovered. It’s almost as if the radical left is hoping for another reason to lock down the world. Only problem is, there never was a good reason for such overreaching, overreacting policies.

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