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Snowflakes Get Another Statue Taken Down in NYC, This One Isn’t Even Confederate

Certainly, the history behind someone like Christopher Columbus could bring cause to debate his authenticity as a noble member of the human race. Confederate leaders, those who helped trigger a succession and ultimately a bloody war, might have their patriotism questioned as well.

Sometimes, a few rather unflattering acts will undermine any sense of historical praise they may well have earned. Logically, statues standing in their honor will be open to criticism. But questioning the patriotic valor of Theodore Roosevelt has many people scratching their heads.

Well, it seems that a pair of figures, standing aside the 26th U.S. President atop his horse, is what generated all the fuss. A particular statue of the famous president rested outside the American Museum of Natural History for more than 80 years.

An African man and a Native American flanked Roosevelt’s horse. Instead of realizing how the statue actually paid tribute to these two American minorities, radical cancel culture freaks bemoaned the statue as racist.

These “cancel everything American” quacks insist that the statue glorified colonialism and racism. In reality, it did neither. Nevertheless, museum administrators caved to the cancel culture pressure.

Waiting until the wee-hours after midnight, a large crane hoisted the statue from its place in front of the museum’s entrance. All that was left behind was a slab of concrete to denote one of the most revered presidents in U.S. history.

It cost $2 million to yank the statue. The New York City Public Design Commission decided upon the order for removal. Somehow, considering it’s the “Big Apple”, this shouldn’t seem so surprising. At least the statue wasn’t destroyed, like many across the country have been.

Roosevelt’s iconic statue was shipped off to the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in Medora, North Dakota. One of the former president’s descendants, Theodore Roosevelt V, actually applauded the decision. Reports say the statue is on “long-term loan”.

At the heart of this push to remove the statue out of New York City was the summer-long violent BLM riots. No one should be surprised that a commission in the radically liberal New York City landscape would cave to cancel culture tactics. But is this really a win for cancel culture?

As America watched so many of our iconic heroes bemoaned as racist bigots, maybe New York City doesn’t deserve such a tribute. At least this time, the monument wasn’t destroyed. New York City’s loss is Medora, North Dakota’s gain. We say “Bully for You” Medora.

Photo Credit: Reuters

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