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Six Republicans Vote with Democrats on Alarming LGBTQ Legislation

America is based on a foundation of fundamental principles. Many involve deeply rooted cultural values, years of tradition, and especially strong religious and ethical beliefs. In America, we have the right to criticize lifestyle choices that violate these norms.

However, according to the Global Respect Act (GRA), timeless American values could disappear. The Global Respect Act is a foreign relations bill. The legislation gives preferential treatment to people who identify as leѕbiаn, gаy, biѕаexuаl, tranѕѕexual, or qu–r (LGBTQ).

In the GRA, the U.S. Federal government will have the power to deny human rights to anyone who does not espouse these radical lifestyle choices. The bill will compel citizens to denounce values and traditions and acknowledge LGBTQ beliefs as moral.

The bill will block visa sanctions for anyone who adheres to religious teachings, even health concerns, and supposedly violates an LGBTQ person’s rights. What’s disturbing is that, as written in the bill, all a person has to do to be guilty is to disagree with the lifestyle.

Stefano Gennarini is the Vice President for Legal Studies of the Center for Family and Human Rights. Gennarini has lived and worked in the U.S., the UK, and Italy. He has also served as a missionary in Nigeria, the West Indies, and Israel.

Gennarini has a wealth of experience in human rights. He is rightfully outraged. According to Gennarini, “This is how the McCarthy movement against Communists started; they said they wanted to find Communists outside of the United States.”

The U.S. House Bill, adopted by Democrats, will prosecute foreign opponents of the LGBTQ lifestyle. Wording in the bill will explicitly allow for persecution of anyone who disagrees with such radical life choices.

There is a dangerous underlying principle within this bill. The GRA will ban all foreigners from entry into the United States if they oppose the LGBTQ ideology. It will afford the presidency a weapon to wield against other cultures.

If passed by the Senate, the bill would give the U.S. President unbridled power to order visa sanctions on foreigners. It would be a short step to have this same type of control legislated against American citizens.

The LGBTQ community makes up slightly more than seven percent of the U.S. population. Over half of this group are registered Democrats. Those who identify as LGBTQ are invariably liberal. It’s not surprising that every U.S. House Democrat voted for this bill.

All these liberals want is votes. Even more shocking are the six Republicans who sided with the Democrats. While not condemning anyone for a particular religious belief or lifestyle, most conservatives do not support such. The six Republicans violated core conservative beliefs.

However, even more alarming is the underlying power grab inherent in this bill. It goes far beyond legislation that simply protects a particular race, gender, or personal belief. The GRA hands over a tremendous ability to censor and control.

How long will it be before similar types of tyrannical powers are legislated? The next step could be consequences for Americans who speak out against any radical alternative lifestyles they disagree with. A cherished American freedom to have one’s own opinion will be erased.

There’s a huge hidden agenda packed inside the GRA. Americans need to pay attention to these seemingly innocent pieces of legislation. They are liberal power grabs. Voters should hold the six Republicans accountable for going along.

The six progressive leftist-Republicans are Brian Fitzpatrick from PA, John Katko New York, Adam Kinzinger Illinois, Peter Meijer Michigan, Tom Reed New York, and Maria Salazar Florida.

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