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Shocking New Details Emerge in Death of Burger King Employee Killed in Robbery

Earlier this month, a young female employee of a Burger King in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was killed in a robbery.

At first, nobody really had an idea why he shot her because she did what the robber asked. He wanted money and she gave him money. So why shoot her then?

Well, this whole mess just got a lot crazier, because nothing here is as it seems.

When I first read about this story it sounded like a man came in a robbed the place. Then the 16-year-old female employee got him some money and then the robber shot her anyway.

According to TooFab,

Checking the surveillance footage, investigators watched a Chevy Impala pull up to the drive-thru window at 10:05 PM after the restaurant had just closed; as staff were inside cleaning up, nobody was manning the window.

The driver raps on the window and a male juvenile employee opens it, says something briefly to the driver, and closes the window, as the car drove away. But three minutes later it circles around and pulls back up to the window; this time Harris-Brazell opens the window — and quickly backs away.

She begins emptying the register of cash and stands there holding it while shouting back at her colleagues, but does not approach the window. 40 seconds later, the driver gets out of his car, armed with a semiautomatic pistol, and begins climbing through the open window. For the next 22 seconds, with his body halfway through the window, he waves the gun at her gesturing at the money, but she stays motionless, calling back into the restaurant.

That is not what happened and the reality is much stranger than this.

As it turns out, the girl was shot not by the robber, but by a fellow employee who was shooting at the robber.

“It does not appear that the Impala driver’s gun ever discharged, since there is no muzzle flash or smoke, no cartridge casing is ejected, and there is no motion consistent with the recoil of a gun,” the report states.

The shooter, police believe, was fellow employee Derrick Ellis. During the standoff, other cameras show the manager calling to Ellis, and Ellis peering around the corner to see the armed thief halfway through the window.

“Ellis reaches around the door with a pistol and fires towards the drive-thru window,” the report states. “Muzzle flashes come from Ellis’s gun, and casings can be seen being ejected from it. [Harris-Brazell] was standing between Ellis and the Impala driver, in the line of fire.”

But that’s not the only thing that’s strange about this. The girl who was shot was best friends with the daughter of the man who was conducting the robbery. The two girls and the father actually conspired to conduct the robbery. So the girl who was shot was in on it and was killed in the crossfire.

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