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Serves Them Right! – Company Loses 40,000 Customers After CEO Called All Republicans “Racist”

My hope is that every company that wants to go woke and treat people who don’t agree with them poorly would go out of business. I really mean that.

If they don’t repent of such hateful behavior, I want them to lose that business because that’s not how you become successful. I don’t care if it’s a liberal company not serving “cis” men, or a conservative business not serving black people. Both are hateful and ignorant.

However, this is basically what one company in Wisconsin did and now they are suffering majorly for it.

Last month, Penzeys Spices CEO Bill Penzey sent out an email in which he called all Republicans rаcists.

“Remember how Republicans, going against a mountain of evidence to the contrary, once again lied and said BLM wasn’t a peaceful movement but instead terrorists inciting violence throughout the country and then raced out to buy a crapload of guns because maybe they were finally going to get their chance to sh**t a Blаck person? What a bunch of rаcists,” the email said.

Penzey also claimed that the Republican Party “does everything it can to make it harder for Blаck people to vote.”

As a result, the company lost 40,000 subscribers instantly which makes up approximately 3% of their base. I think more will unsubscribe as more people learn about this as well.

Now the company is begging customers to purchase gift cards in order to try and save their sinking ship.

Some people are just idiots. Why would you alienate half of your customers? It’s a stupid thing to do from a business standpoint.

It just goes to show you how far from reality these liberals really are. They honestly live in a world of delusion where they have convinced themselves of what we are as conservatives regardless of our words and actions.

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