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Self-Proclaimed “Karen” Goes CRAZY As She Stalks Maskless Shoppers Around The Store (VIDEO)

Invariably, everyone has a few crazy COVID stories. The bumbling ineptitude by our most trusted medical bureaucrats has provided us with daily ammunition. However, some individuals seem to take the insanity to an alarming level of berserk.

One bewildering COVID-19 policy debate has been masks. Do masks work, or don’t they? According to the head COVID clown, Dr. Anthony Fauci, maybe you should wear two masks. At one point, masks were officially unnecessary, or so Saint Anthony said.

In an instant, the policy shifted radically. Now, or so the experts insist, you should have a mask handy at all times. There have been those who demand a mask while standing alone atop Mount Everest. It’s these wildly divergent protocols that have caused so much confusion.

There are those who use common sense. These people do their own research. What they discover is an honest debate about the protection a mask offers. There is a vast majority of healthcare professionals and immunologists who insist masks are basically worthless.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the control freaks in government to use masks as another weapon for compliance. And of course, like other illogical public policies, there are the sheep that follow blindly, regardless of a lack of logic behind them.

Again, masks have been a huge point of COVID contention since day one of the pandemic. This total lack of transparency by medical bureaucrats has triggered a band of self-righteous COVID mask police.

Some keep their comments to themselves, but never miss a chance to cast an evil glare towards someone who chooses not to wear a mask. It gives new meaning the old saying, “If looks could kill”.

Others, like one woman on an airplane, verbally and physically assault what they feel is a “non-mask wearing deplorable”. There are those politically embroiled in their insanity. They think mask or no mask is visible evidence of your political preference.

If you’re not wearing or a mask, or decide not to get jabbed with an experimental vaccine, you must therefore have voted for President Trump. We’re not kidding; one such member of the radical COVID mask police went on a berserk tirade, insisting such was true.

This “mask Karen” was shopping at Walmart. Evidently, she noticed a couple shopping without their CDC-recommended face covering. Apparently, vaccination status, immune status, none of this mattered to this woman.

Everything started with the tale-tell no mask stare down. After her evil-eyed condemnation didn’t work, this crazy lady went vocal. She became unhinged, according to reports. One shopper actually called her out for rudeness.

This woman was wearing a mask, but insisted the mask Karen was being rude. To her astonishment, the crazed lady replied, “It’s not rude! I’m mentally ill – They’re STUPID!” Well, at least this helps explain one part of the bizarre interaction.

The lead instigator in the group openly admitted to being mentally ill. If hearing her public admission to being emotionally challenged wasn’t enough, this crazy lady helped cement the notion. Out came the ultimate arsenal for her mask attack.

It was all about politics. She screeched, “You super-spreaders, you voted for Trump, didn’t you!? Woooo! Trumpers! They don’t wear masks.” This is yet another prime example of mask hysteria. COVID-19 has made many people self-conscious.

However, it’s also made too many people self-righteous. The scourge of a virus is wearing thin people’s patience. We’re tired of COVID. We have been, and it’s getting worse. But what’s even more tiring is this incessant chattering by crazy liberals.

Just because they’re “beholden sheep”, ready to kowtow to every order and decree regardless of the logic, no everyone is. The pandemic has created a new mental health crisis; we’ll call it COVID-psychosis. Wonder when they’ll develop a vaccine for that?

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