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Scorned Woman Gets Revenge on Ex with Daily Treat – ‘My Toxic Trait’

Sometimes relationships end well and people can remain friends, and sometimes they don’t and they’re at each other’s throats for life.

But sometimes relationships don’t stop there and people seek revenge for brutal breakups.

One woman has gone viral on TikTok recently after what some are calling a revenge tactic that is comparable to the Godfather.

The young woman apparently like to stuff raw fish through her ex-boyfriend’s mail slot on his front door every day.

“My toxic trait is that I post a raw fish through my exes letter box every day,” reads the caption to the fishy clip, which was posted four days ago by user @katieber5.

The accompanying footage shows the woman shoving the unconventional carp-accio into the alleged ex’s mail slot like a devious Door Dasher.

And while Katie doesn’t disclose what sparked the tiff, she explained in the comments that she dreamt up the odiferous measure to “make him miss me.”

@katieber5♬ A-Punk – Vampire Weekend

If you ask my opinion on this, I’m going to tell you that I don’t think that she’s doing it out of spite or hatred of her ex. Instead, I think she’s doing it for attention and approval online.

Why else would you post a video of it claiming you do it every day.

I do have one other theory though. When you look at the profile photo of the woman and compare it to the videos, it doesn’t look to be the same girl. I think that this might all be a stunt and she’s using videos of other people and claiming it’s her doing certain things.

Regardless if it’s real or not, it’s amusing and that’s all that people on TikTok really care about. They just want to be entertained and this user is at least doing that.

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