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Salvation Army Faces Backlash After Anti-White ‘Let’s Talk About Racism’ Guide Surfaces

Salvation Army Faces Backlash After Anti-White ‘Let’s Talk About Racism’ Guide Surfaces

The senseless wave of “woke culture” is bleeding into virtually every aspect of American society. Nevertheless, one might have hoped our beloved Christmas heritage could avoid being a target of wokeism. Sadly, the woke mob has attacked a cherished part of our Christmas celebration.

The Salvation Army is a charitable organization that has helped millions of people. Donating time or money to the SA is noble. However, it seems someone within the Salvation Army’s hierarchy has thought it befitting to project a political narrative on holiday donors.

Everyone has seen a Salvation Army volunteer during the Christmas season, some dressed as Santa Claus, ringing a bell while standing for hours beside a donation cauldron. It is a dignified holiday job that helps the SA to generate donations.

However, in a surprising revelation, the Salvation Army has chosen to ask donors to dig a little deeper than into their wallets. As donors toss dollars into the “red kettle” donation pot, white people are being asked to repent for their whiteness.

We kid you not. The Salvation Army has created an “International Social Justice Commission”. Through this new initiative, an organization dedicated to helping the unfortunate is trying to impress upon white people that they are the reason these people are less fortunate.

Oddly enough, an organization with roots in Christianity is trying to persuade Christians to accept that they are institutionally racist. Here we go again with the systemic racism garbage. Now this insane and untrue ideology is bleeding into Christmas.

The narrative coming from the Salvation Army sounds astonishingly very much like critical race theory. There is a “Study Guide on Racism” being pushed by Salvation Army authors. In a nutshell, it says that all white people are racist, they just don’t realize it.

The SA’s effort to enlighten white people is called “Let’s Talk About Racism”. Again, it sounds a whole lot like the crazy assertions spewed by groups like Black Lives Matter. It’s a push to make all white people feel responsible for something they are not responsible for.

The Salvation Army is an organization that was founded over 160 years ago in London, England. With roots in the protestant Christian church, it has been a beacon of help and good will to the unfortunate. The first “red kettle” was set up during the Christmas season in 1891.

We doubt if the first bell-ringing Salvation Army volunteer in Oakland, California cared much about the skin color of donors. Oddly enough, when it comes to soliciting a person’s charitableness, that’s the way it should be today as well.

What might we expect next from this insane flood of wokeness? Is Santa Claus’s beard too white? Are the flying reindeer, which transport Saint Nick’s cargo, now an affront to animal rights activist? What about the angel atop a Christmas tree? She must be in the “woke crosshairs”.

Will the woke mob file discrimination lawsuits on behalf of “Santa’s little helpers”? One might have expected an organization devoted to helping the less fortunate could avoid the wrath of wokeism. Sadly, even the Salvation Army bent a knee to the woke mob.

Thankfully, there is enough sanity left in our great nation, as we approach the holiday season, to see this stunt for what it really is. It’s yet another feeble attempt to project on Americans something Americans do not believe.

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