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Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell Not Backing Down – Dominion Voting System in PANIC MODE

The whirlwind of evidence, combined with growing accusations concerning the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election, is mind-boggling. Those who still believe the election was stolen from President Trump have amassed huge amounts of documentation.

Still, other than a recent assembly resolution in Wisconsin, little has been done. It appears that many staunch conservatives are growing weary of the fight. No one ever said it would be easy. One company at the heart of the allegations of cheating is Dominion Voting Systems.

Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Mike Lindell have been among the most outspoken critics of the fraudulent voting machine company. In retaliation for the documented evidence and scathing accusations of suspicious activity by Dominion, the company sued them.

Dominion’s $1.3 billion lawsuit contends the accusations by Giuliani, Powell and Lindell damaged the company’s reputation. But when we consider the complete story, the lawsuit begins to look like a shady tactic to divert people’s attention from the truth.

While Dominion contends the accusations have harmed the company, they refuse to allow anyone to inspect these machines. If Dominion is so noble and honest, why are they hiding from inspectors? The company insists that an internal audit will damage their machines.

Anyone with much knowledge about technology realizes this is a curious lie. Anyone using Dominion Voting Systems should have big questions about this assertion. What if something did go wrong during an election? An inspection of machines will destroy them? Really?

If you could not audit Dominion machines without damaging them, there would never be a way to check for errors. Of course, this whole idea that an audit will hurt the machines is illogical. It’s simply not true. With no ability to check the true vote count, no one would use these machines.

It’s not just an illogical notion, it’s plain craziness. There are even more disturbing revelations coming out of this lawsuit. Dominion is refusing any and all discovery, specifically these audit requests. Now, we’re not a practicing attorney, but we’re pretty sure that’s not legal.

When either side in a legal case, plaintiff or defendant, refuses to provide discovery, there are consequences. Attorneys can be held in contempt of court. Judges can dismiss cases because of failure to provide timely discovery. It’s the law.

Why isn’t Dominion Voting Systems being compelled to adhere to proper court procedure? The accuracy and authenticity of the votes tabulated by these machines is in question. An audit of these machines must be part of any legal process to uncover the truth.

Anything less is a miscarriage of justice. However, many parts of the 2020 Presidential Election are proving to be a miscarriage of justice. Joe Biden’s victory is the real miscarriage of justice. The trio of litigants in the Dominion lawsuit insists they will consider a settlement.

However, they’re asking for one thing to happen. They want Dominion to comply with all discovery requests. These include an audit of Dominion voting machines. This is a pretty crafty way to force Dominion’s hand.

Dominion never really had a case. Their lawsuit is a shell game strategy to deflect attention. Once they were pressed on discovery, the company had to realize they were in trouble. U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols has ordered the lawsuit to proceed. Now they’re in trouble for real.

There will be an interesting progression of events to follow. Either Dominion is going to realize their backs are against the wall, or they’re going to release these machines. Expect these cheats to run. They cannot afford to have auditors look at Dominion’s voting machines.

If they do, Dominion is going to find themselves on the other end of a lawsuit. There is also a strong possibility that criminal charges will follow. The pursuit of the “big steal” is far from over. Gradually, the dominoes are going to start to fall. Dominion Voting Systems may be the first.

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