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Ron DeSantis Fights Back to Break China’s Death Grip on America

I’m sure that you’ve heard about it over the past year or so, but there has been a shortage of microchips and semiconductors across the globe.

This has affected many industries. In fact, I’ve even had the dealership that I purchased my last car from begging me to sell my car back to them for $10,000 more than what I paid for it new two years ago.

I happen to like the car so I’m not going to sell it, plus I’m no dummy. If they’re willing to pay that much for a used car, I’m going to need to replace it if I sell it. The replacement cost is just going to be more and I’m not going to profit anything out of the transaction. If I didn’t need the car, sure I’d sell it and make $10,000, but I need a vehicle.

As it happens, China plays a large role in this and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has had enough of their stranglehold and plans to take action to fix the problem.

“We have to start standing up as Floridians and Americans,” DeSantis said at a press conference. “We cannot be captive. Key sectors of our economy should not be captive to some of these foreign nations, particularly outfits like the Communist Party of China. And then even when you have allies like Taiwan, how that could impact, if there was a disruption there, could throw a lot of this through the loop even more than we’ve seen over the past year and a half. So the more we have this capacity within our own country but particularly within our own state here in Florida, the more opportunities there’s going to be for people and the more secure both our economic supply chains will be and our national security.”

I don’t know why other states and industries don’t do this already. I guess they’re not willing to pay more in wages when they can get it done cheaply in China, but do you really want to take that cheese in the trap? Do you really want to fund them while making yourself completely dependent upon a country that hates us? Seems like a stupid play to me. Thankfully, Ron DeSantis knows how to do things right. I think I’d be happy with 8 years of President DeSantis.

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