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Roger Stone says he is freezing his sperm just in case Laura Loomer wants to give him an heir

Roger Stone says he is freezing his sperm just in case Laura Loomer wants to give him an heir

If far-right activist Laura Loomer wishes to bear his child, Roger Stone has made an odd social media post promising that he will freeze his sperm for her

On the social media network Gab, Stone, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, stated that the “freedom movement” needed “warriors.”

Image of Roger Stone via Youtube screengrab…https://youtu.be/qNsKDqIwZKU

“Since I don’t have a biological heir and because the freedom movement needs future warriors I am going to freeze some of my sperm in case Laura Loomer decides to bear my child sometime in the future,” Stone posted.

Image via Twitter

A photo of the two at a pro-Trump rally with the 28-year-old activist’s arms around Stone was included in the post.

Loomer, who has repeatedly spread anti-Muslim conspiracy theories, replied: “What are we going to name the warrior baby @RogerJStoneJr?”

Image of Laura Loomer via Youtube screengrab…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rNOIJB3hdw

“Here is a headline you will never see ‘Laura Loomer announces her intention to carry Roger Stone’s baby invitro and convert to be a Methodist,” Stone later posted.

Gab, which bills itself as a “free speech network,” has proven popular among conservatives who have been barred from using mainstream social media sites.

The Anti-Defamation League called Gab a “haven” for conspiracy theorists circulating false information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, the January 6 Capitol riot, and the 2020 presidential election in October.

Gab logo via Wikipedia Commons/Public Domain

People expressed their amazement and disdain for Stone’s odd posts on Twitter, where many voiced their shock and disdain for his proposal for Loomer.

Icon of Star Wars In reaction to Stone’s remark, Mark Hamill just posted a puking emoji.

Josh Paul, a bassist, and Jane Lynch, an actress, both used the same emoji to express their reactions to Stone’s remark.

Image of Roger Stone via Youtube screenshot…https://youtu.be/uBkggFDn08I

Stone recently made headlines after he stated that Roger he doesn’t feel safe walking down the street in this part of the city because he fears being attacked by liberals.

“A Nixon Republican and Roy Cohn disciple — Nixon lived on Fifth Avenue, and Cohn on East 68th — Stone says he loves New York, but that he hasn’t returned to the city since the FBI raided him in 2019,” wrote McCreesh. “When he is here, he claims the Upper West Side is no longer safe for him. ‘People who don’t share my political point of view might verbally and sometimes physically attack me,’ he says.”

Image of Roger Stone via Youtube…https://youtu.be/nAQ27s8kt1o

Stone did not give an example of a time when he was assaulted physically. He also called Corey Lewandowski, a longtime Trump friend who was fired as the head of a prominent Trump super PAC after sexual misconduct allegations from a GOP donor, a “congenital liar, and a scumbag.”

Stone was previously convicted of obstruction of justice and witness tampering for his role in the Trump-Russia scandal. On his way out the door, Trump shortened his sentence and eventually granted him a full pardon.

The pardon, however, hasn’t put a stop to Stone’s legal woes. The Justice Department is suing him for fraud and tax violations, and a House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack has summoned him for information in light of photos showing him marching with the Oath Keepers the morning before the attack.

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