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RINO Lindsey Graham Pushes Legislation to Allow Private Companies to Read All Your Phone Texts, Emails and DMs

At this point it almost goes without being said that Senator Lindsey Graham is in fact a RINO. There really are no ifs, ands, or buts about it anymore.

There are times where he really is on the side of the people, but there are also way too many times in which he is on the side of the government and reached his greedy arm out too far to try and steal our freedoms as well.

I feel like Congress feels like their job must always be that they are passing some sort of new legislation in order to do something. They don’t. Why can’t they just let us live our lives in peace?

Now a group of lawmakers which includes some Democrats and, of course, Lindsey Graham are trying to pass a bill that would enable private companies to read all of your text messages and your emails and then put you in jail for them.

According to EFF,

Let’s be clear: the new EARN IT Act would pave the way for a massive new surveillance system, run by private companies, that would roll back some of the most important privacy and security features in technology used by people around the globe. It’s a framework for private actors to scan every message sent online and report violations to law enforcement. And it might not stop there. The EARN IT Act could ensure that anything hosted online—backups, websites, cloud photos, and more—is scanned.


The bill empowers every U.S. state or territory to create sweeping new Internet regulations, by stripping away the critical legal protections for websites and apps that currently prevent such a free-for-all—specifically, Section 230. The states will be allowed to pass whatever type of law they want to hold private companies liable, as long as they somehow relate their new rules to online child abuse.

The goal is to get states to pass laws that will punish companies when they deploy end-to-end encryption, or offer other encrypted services. This includes messaging services like WhatsApp, Signal, and iMessage, as well as web hosts like Amazon Web Services. We know that EARN IT aims to spread the use of tools to scan against law enforcement databases because the bill’s sponsors have said so.

In my opinion, this would be absolutely unconstitutional. If your private information is put on full display, then that would absolutely be another overreach by the government.

I understand that they are wanting to do something about the way some of these tech giants operate in order to try to prevent a number of things such as censorship as well as protecting children as alleged by the “Facebook whistleblower”, but invading everyone’s privacy is not the way to do it.

What really needs to be addressed is the root problem. Stop trying to put a band-aid on it and get to the root of the problem. Address whatever it is that leads people to practice this sort of behavior in the first place.

So while I appreciate the effort, go back and try again RINO.

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