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Retiring Southern Democrat Warns Of ‘Party Extinction’ – Cooper Claims DNC Could Vanish In Swing Tennessee

Retiring Southern Democrat Warns Of ‘Party Extinction’ – Cooper Claims DNC Could Vanish In Swing Tennessee

What’s Happening:

All across America, we are seeing citizens rise up against Biden and his Democrat Party. Democrats overplayed their hand in recent years. Instead of listening to regular people, they have blindly pushed a “woke” agenda that revolves around socialism and an erosion of traditional American values.

And we are seeing massive signs of revolt already as Americans prepare to flood the polls this coming November.

It is happening in places as unlikely as Virginia, New Jersey, and even Seattle (yes, that Seattle). And in some Southern states, Democrats are facing more than just a few flipped seats. One outgoing Democrat appears to be reading the tea leaves. And he’s predicting an extinction event for his party back home.

From Fox News:

Outgoing Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee sat down for an interview with a local newspaper on Tuesday to give his thoughts on upcoming elections and the future of the Democratic Party in his state.

Cooper’s predictions were far from optimistic, as he said that the party is “facing extinction” in Tennessee and claimed that Democrats have no strategy to appeal to rural voters…

Asked if he believed the Democrats would prove competitive in the long term, Cooper said that he hopes so, but “hope is not a strategy.” Cooper criticized the management of the party in his state, and told the Scene that the Democrats in Tennessee needed a new direction.

Democrat Jim Cooper, who is leaving his post as a representative, revealed he thinks Democrats are facing extinction in Tennessee. Tennessee, although a conservative, Southern state, has long had a strong Democrat presence. To the point where some people considered it a “swing” state in some elections.

But Biden’s obsession going along with Democrats and pushing socialism appears to be driving the party over the cliff. Cooper revealed that the party’s lack of a plan to win over rural voters could result in its extinction in Tennessee. He even said that the party has suffered from poor management and no direction.

He blasted Tennessee candidates for not even visiting counties in the state. They’re not “kin” to the folks they need to win elections. This is not exclusive to Tennessee. Democrats all across the country have neglected the concerns and problems of regular folks in their home states. They have catered to the radical left and globalist interests from D.C. The results have been obvious: runaway inflation, an open border, and crises all over the place.

Worse than that, Americans know it was the Democratic Party that embraced painful lockdowns that kept their kids out of school and bankrupted countless businesses. Even today, Democrats show no remorse for putting millions out of work—and punishing hard-working families with abusive mandates.

Cooper might be right about the party’s lack of vision. But not even he sees the tsunami coming from them this Fall.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrat from Tennessee is predicting an “extinction” of his party in the state.
  • He revealed that Democrats do not have a plan to win over rural voters.
  • Cooper blasted his party for a strategy of “blind hope.”

Source: Fox News



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