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Retiring Democrat Congressman Gives His Party Dire Warning About What’s Coming

I still hold to the belief that the Democrats are in for a rude awakening in these upcoming midterm elections.

I know I’m not the only person who feels that way and I know that most Republicans probably feel the same way as well. On top of that several Democrats feel the same way. They know that their days are numbered.

Soon we will once again hold a majority in the House of Representatives as well as the Senate. But obviously that will only happen as long as there’s a fair election.

Many Democrats are actually retiring and one of them from Tennessee, Representative Jim Cooper, has a dire warning to his own party about what’s to come.

“As usual, Democrats are not alert to future dangers. The biggest danger we face in an off-year election after we won the White House is the 100-year trend toward the other party. Redistricting is small potatoes compared to that historical trend,” Cooper told the Nashville Scene. “Our party needs to improve its management capabilities. We do not anticipate and organize and plan.”

“We’re addicted to telling other people what to think. You can’t really win many elections if you’re that self-righteous,” he later added. “It’s important to be in communication with your constituents, not to be their boss. You’re their representative. We’ve got to get this formula right. The Democratic Party in Tennessee is basically facing extinction. We’ve been on a long downhill slide for a long time.”

This comes at a time in which Joe Biden’s approval ratings have dropped below 40% for the first time according to the RealClearPolitics average. This means that this is not just one poll in which he’s under 40% it’s actually a collection of poles where they averaged it and his average is under 40%. The Rasmussen poll showed that he was actually at 38% recently.

So if we want to look at the silver lining of all of this chaos that we have been flung into thanks to the liberals, it’s that to an extent perhaps this has awakened some to what liberalism really is and what their goals really are and why they don’t work and why they’re not the best.

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