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Republicans Take MASSIVE Lead in Mid-Term Polls!

As I’ve been saying for some time now it is looking pretty good for Republicans going into the midterm elections. I do think that as long as we have a fair election Republicans will retake both the House and the Senate.

It’s already pretty clear to me that the Democrats are doing everything that they can in order to try to help themselves out. The most obvious thing that I see in this regard is that there are actual liberal cities that are lifting the mandates that have been in place for years even at times when cases were the highest.

If you ask me, that doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you’re trying to make things seem more normal in order to garner support as though.
But it’s not looking like their tricks are actually going to work. According to a recent poll Republicans are actually favored by 13 points going into the midterm elections. This is a massive lead. But the thing is not even Democrats are in support of Joe Biden anymore. They think that he’s doing a terrible job, mostly because he is doing a terrible job, and they know that continuing down this road is not the path to prosperity.

On specific issues, 67% said that they believe that the people crossing the border illegally should be returned to their original country, while only 18% said no.

70% of those polled said that they believe China is a growing threat and growing in aggression to America.

54% said that Biden’s plans to fix inflation would hurt the economy instead of helping it, while only 32% said that it would help.

Our country is not in a very good position right now and we can thank the Democrats and the Never-Trumper’s for everything that we have right now. Inflation is up because of them, gas prices are up because of them, racial tensions are up because of them, tyranny is up because of them.

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