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Republican Superbowl Ad Triggers Liberals – Video Shows Him Taking Down 3 Top D.C. Leaders

Republican Superbowl Ad Triggers Liberals – Video Shows Him Taking Down 3 Top D.C. Leaders

What’s Happening:

Democrats are panicking over the midterm elections. They have control over the federal government. But over the last year, they’ve squandered the opportunity. And Americans are fighting mad. All signs point to a red wave that will wipe out the left’s majority—and leave Biden in big trouble.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that Democrats are trying any trick to protect their failing campaigns. In Arizona, Democrats know that Sen. Mark Kelly can easily be knocked out. One of his rivals, Republican candidate Jim Lamon appears to be tapping into the state’s Old West identity to inspire voters.

From YouTube:


Of course, the limp-wristed Democrats and RINOs are crying foul over this clever and engaging ad.

From The Hill:

The ad immediately prompted backlash online…

The former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, Brian Murray, called Lamon’s ad his “most pathetic” yet. Murray is a partner at Summit Consulting, which is backing one of Lamon’s primary opponents Blake Masters.

Should we be surprised that the people being mocked in this ad are complaining about it? Even The Hill is mischaracterizing the ad, suggesting Lamon is shooting these Democrats. Instead, he shoots the weapons out of their hands and they are sent running. Which is a pretty accurate depiction of the kinds of cowards leftists are.

Almost immediately they started whining about the ad. Proving, of course, that Democrats are just as creatively bankrupt as they are morally bankrupt. Nobody in their right mind would find that ad offensive. In fact, most people will be impressed at how well-made and clever it is.

But Democrats, in 2022, are void of personality, humor, and good taste. They recognize how effective this ad will be and they are whining about it. Why isn’t Mark Kelly trying to come up with a fresh, interesting ad of his own? Because his party is so “woke,” they lake the originality to do anything fun or memorable.

So, they try to silence those who can.

Key Takeaways:

  • Republican AZ candidate Jim Lamon made an Old West ad against Democrats.
  • Immediately, Democrats complained about it, citing their lack of humor and creativity.
  • This comes as Democrats face tough reelection odds this November.

Source: The Hill



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