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Rep. Matt Gaetz Discusses President Trump’s Plans for Potential Speaker of the House Run

Turning Point USA held a massive convention over the weekend and thousands of people showed up.

In fact, there were more people at this one event than there were at all of Joe Biden’s events combined while he was on the campaign trail.

There was something very interesting that was discussed between Rep. Matt Gaetz and Jordan Conradson in an interview.

Gaetz: We are the Ascended force. The future in America doesn’t belong to the Biden’s. And frankly, it doesn’t belong to the left. But I’m here to make sure that Republicans are actually worthy of the majority that I suspect we will win. And I don’t want to go back to the Paul Ryan days where like, we would just pass bills and have the Democrat president veto them and claim that as some sort of moral victory. I’m here to try to encourage every committee in Congress to become an oversight committee, to get to the core of the corruption in the Biden regime, and I think that will rebuild the trust the Republicans need with our voters so that we can actually deliver for them.

This statement from Matt Gaetz is encouraging because it seems like at least some of them actually get it finally. For too long we’ve had RINOs running the show when Republicans held the majority. But a massive change is needed and it looks like they’re actually fighting for that change.

But that’s not the interesting thing that I was referring to. What I found interesting is remarks on whether or not President Trump may run for the House of Representatives in 2022. And if he wins and if the Republicans win, he could potentially be named Speaker of the House. Wouldn’t that be amazing? He might actually be more powerful in that role than as President.

Conradson: We will take back the house in 2022. Do you support President Trump for speaker of the house in 2022?

Gaetz: I was the first member of Congress to pledge that I will nominate Donald J Trump for Speaker of the House and people like to laugh but you know what? They laughed at the idea of him becoming president too. And that happened. So speaker Trump’s got a pretty good ring to it to me.

Conradson: So have you spoken to President Trump, possibly Speaker Trump about his plans for 2022?

Gaetz: I have. What I can tell you is that President Trump is dialed into races at a granular level. He’s following the fundraising, the polling and the messaging. He is as tuned in as I’ve ever seen him and I think that’s a good thing for the politics of the right that’s right. Thank

Who knows? I suppose we’ll find out before too long, probably sometime in the Spring. Maybe he’s still planning on running for President and in the meantime, he wants to run the House. That would be exciting!

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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