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Red Florida Hands Democrat Party A Pink Slip – Liberals Fail To Find People To Run For Some Positions For Midterms

Red Florida Hands Democrat Party A Pink Slip – Liberals Fail To Find People To Run For Some Positions For Midterms

What’s Happening:

If you were to look at the Florida political map just a few years ago, you might say it was a “swing” state. For a long time, it was. Elections were a toss-up as Republicans and Democrats battled for influence in the Sunshine State. But things have changed in a big way, in just a matter of five years.

Florida went for Trump in 2016. He got a bigger lead in 2020 when he won the state. In 2018, the state gave Republicans major victories by electing a Republican governor and booting a Democrat senator.

More districts have flipped from liberal to conservative in recent years. Now, the state is so red that Democrats can’t even find people to run in the midterms. From PJ Media:

Recently Republican registrations surpassed Democrats in the state for the first time…

Evidence is piling up that Democrats in Florida have no clear bench of candidates willing to challenge Republican incumbents in South Florida, in what’s expected to be a daunting and expensive 2022 cycle for their party.

For three key seats in the upcoming House elections, Democrats are struggling to find people to run. These seats are in Miami, once considered a liberal stronghold in the state.

But it appears that Hispanic voters in the area, many from Cuba, are rejecting Biden’s lurch into socialism. The progressive bend of the party is turning off voters.

The only possible candidates for these seats are people who lost in 2020. But none of them have officially announced races. This comes after word spread that the DCCC, the left’s congressional arm, refused to pump a lot of money into getting Democrats in Florida elected.

It seems they don’t even want to back liberals running out of the state, since they are convinced they’ll lose.

This would have been totally unexpected just a few years ago. But Republicans have made such major gains in Florida, it’s hard to see it as anything other than red. Conservative Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to fight hard for the state. He battled lockdowns and has opposed Biden’s radical agenda.

Republicans in other states should be taking notice. If they want to see similar success, they might as well copy a few things from DeSantis’s playbook.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats are struggling to find candidates for House seats in Florida.
  • The state has become redder and redder over recent years.
  • The DCCC has even pulled support for the state, fearing major losses.

Source: PJ Media



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