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PURE INSANITY! NYPD Gang Traumatize and Threaten Kid at Restaurant

When it comes time to write the history books on what happened during the years 2020-2022 (hopefully not longer) what will they say?

What will people say about what we’ve gone through over these last couple of years. Well, I would say that it all depends on who it is that is writing the books.

It used to be the case that there was no agenda and people just wrote down history, but now, there are so many insane liberals looking for any opportunity they can to push their agenda. However, there will definitely be some conflicting testimonies from those who have common sense and write the tale of this time.

In the incident that you’re about to see, some would say that this police officer and his gang of thugs were just doing the right thing by enforcing the law, but is that really the case?

Are we really a society that is hell-bent on following the law to the letter, or is it a guide to moral behavior? I would advocate for the latter. So for example, wearing your seatbelt is a law in most places. However, I don’t think that police officers should be able to bother you by pulling you over and giving you a ticket if you don’t do it. This gets away from the purpose of the law.

A law like that is designed to try and get you to keep yourself safe when traveling on roads. I personally never drive around without a seatbelt, not because of the law, but because I feel like it’s a common sense safety measure to help preserve my own life for myself and for my family.

A police officer in New York City traumatized a little kid by kicking him out of a restaurant and threatening to trespass him all because of the ridiculous mandates that don’t allow people in NYC to eat at a restaurant “without their papers.”

Thanks, Democrats. You’re doing a great job at wrecking our nation and all for what? One day they’re also going to be at the same end of the stick as us and there will be no one there to help them because they’ve traded all of our freedoms for control that they don’t actually possess.

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