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Psaki Scrambles Again To Walk Back A Promise Biden Did Not Keep

Recently, Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, refused to answer questions about whether Old Uncle Joe was planning to fire Dr. Eric Lander, his top science advisor, –due to an investigation that unveiled that he had routinely harassed and demeaned his staff– after issuing a promise to “fire on the spot” any persons in his administration who did not treat their colleagues with respect.

“Does the fact that Dr. Lander has a job still cheapen the President’s promise to fire anyone who treats colleagues with disrespect on the spot?” questioned Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich.


“Well, again, I would just reiterate that the president takes his commitment to having a respectful work environment incredibly seriously, and it’s something that he conveys clearly to all of us on a regular basis,” claimed Psaki. “That is why we put in place, in part, put in place a safe and respectful workplace policy, which is how — which is the process through which this is — this thorough investigation proceeded through, and the process through which, again, that there was an internal investigation. Dr. Lander obviously, his behavior was inappropriate, corrective actions needed to be taken, and that was clearly conveyed through this process. And he will be held to account for — for delivering on that.”

Almost immediately after Biden took office, however, he issued a promise, as highlighted by Heinrich, to “fire on the spot” any persons who refused to treat other with respect.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

In one of his first public addresses after taking office, Biden promised to fire “on the spot” anyone caught “treat[ing] another colleague with disrespect” or “talk[ing] down to someone.” No such action has been taken against Lander.

The White House and OSTP acknowledged Lander violations of White House policies in separate statements. The White House said Lander met with other top White House officials over the actions. OSTP said that “corrective action was taken.”

According to the recording of Peele, Lander will be forced to conduct collaborative meetings with his staff and will be subject to review between 30 and 45 days to ensure he is abiding by White House rules.

As the head of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), Dr. Lander was not in a cabinet-level position until Old Uncle Joe made the choice to elevate his position and chose Lander to held push his most recent initiative to discover a cure for cancer: Cancer Moonshot.

Lander was promoted to this role with a well known reputation for being very hard to work with. “In particular, detractors cited a handful of incidents from Lander’s past: His toast of James Watson, who has expressed racist and misogynistic sentiments; his perceived slight of two women researchers who helped develop the gene-editing technology CRISPR; and his broader penchant for soaking up the scientific limelight and the funding that accompanies it,” reported Stat News.

The investigation that targeted Lander and issued these allegations was carried out over two months and “found credible evidence of instances of multiple women having complained to other staff about negative interactions with Dr. Lander, where he spoke to them in a demeaning or abrasive way in front of other staff.”

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