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Psaki Dumbstruck Trying To Explain Away Photos

This past Tuesday, Democrat President Joe Biden was seen shopping and going out for ice cream as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki seemed to struggle to come up with answers to explain what exactly Biden was up to.

“The president has nothing on his schedule today aside from the PDB,” one reporter stated. “Can you shed any light on how he’s spending his day?”

“Well, let’s see, um, this morning I think he had some policy meetings, uh, also a PDB meeting,” stated Psaki. “Uh, he, um, later this afternoon, uh, I think is doing some remarks review. There’s some days that we spend some time doing internal meetings and discussions, uh, with policy experts, with policy leaders, um, and that’s that’s what’s happening today.”

Jeff Mason, a reporter for Reuters, tweeted out several pictures that showed Biden wandering around Washington, D.C., going from one boutique store to another before ending up at an ice cream shop.

“@POTUS ⁩visits a boutique store on Capitol Hill called Honey Made,” tweeted out Mason. “Products at Honey Made include RBG and ⁦@KamalaHarris ⁩mugs and oven mitts.”

“The President made a quick pitstop at the ice cream shop this afternoon after a visit to neighboring boutique Honey Made, where he admired necklaces on the wall for ‘my wife,’ examined a coaster with a German shepherd on it, and picked up a Kamala Harris mug,” stated the Washingtonian. “Early pool reports are vague, however, on what Biden ordered at Jeni’s other than it was a cone with two scoops—’light colored flavor on bottom, darker ice cream on top.’ POTUS waved the cone at pool reporters before heading off in his motorcade.”

As part of the press briefing from Tuesday, Psaki spoke about Biden screaming at Fox News reporter Peter Doocy while calling him a “stupid son of a b****” at an event.

Biden went on this tirade in the wake of Doocy asking him, “Do you think inflation is a political liability for midterms?”

“It’s a great asset, more inflation,” answered Biden. “What a stupid son of a b****.”

“The President, the President called Peter, and [Peter Doocy] confirmed this, so this is only why I’m speaking to this, and if you have private conversations with the president, I will assure you I’m not going to convey that on your behalf,” answered Psaki. “But Peter spoke to this, the President called him, he conveyed to him that it was nothing personal man and also acknowledged that all of you are going to ask him a range of questions. So I think that speaks for itself.”

Psaki danced around the question of if Biden issued an apology to Doocy for these out-of-hand comments.

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