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Prosecutor From Rittenhouse Case Wants the Public to Know One Thing About Him

Some things people do in response to well-deserved scrutiny can be baffling. Kevin Mathewson is a private investigator who operates a website called the Kenosha County Eye. Mathewson reports on local news in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

Yes, it’s the same Kenosha County, Wisconsin, which was the venue for the trial and acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. Mathewson, who intently focuses on local politics, especially government corruption, followed the Rittenhouse trial from day one.

His journalistic coverage was intense. It was impossible to ignore the constant chastising Kenosha District Attorneys took from Judge Bruce Schroeder. Schroeder repeatedly had to admonish both Thomas Binger and James Kraus for misconduct and ethics violations.

These two bumbling prosecutors endured an almost daily bombardment of criticism. It’s no surprise that Mathewson, a former Kenosha alderman, would write critical but accurate stories depicting the case as it unfolded.

This was a high-profile trial. Mathewson found out about the prosecutions attempts to try to entice a witness to alter his testimony. Nathan DeBruin told Mathewson the same story he told on the stand while under oath. It was witness tampering.

Mathewson printed a story calling out this unethical behavior. Evidently, Kraus didn’t like seeing the truth in print. The egotistical prosecutor doesn’t enjoy being criticized, despite being wrong. Mathewson said that it became evident that Kraus did not like him.

Kraus went ballistic when confronted about the witness persuasion allegation. He went on to berate Mathewson’s work and his website. Kraus accused Mathewson of “angrily accosting” him at the courthouse, plus harassing him with emails.

Moreover, he had zero proof of anything even remotely close to that happening. Kraus apparently has sincere problems with free speech. He didn’t take kindly to the obvious insinuation that he was a “terrible lawyer”. So he attacked the person who said it.

However, anyone watching the Rittenhouse case unfold could have figured that out for themselves. Kraus went on to try to insinuate that Mathewson was somehow mentally unstable. All Kraus’s orchestrated slander campaign did was drive readers to the Kenosha County Eye.

For some unknown reason, Kraus referred to Mathewson as a “failed wedding photographer”, of which Mathewson is not. As we read the rest of Kraus’ bogus attempts to paint Mathewson as a vindictive person, the truth becomes crystal clear.

Kraus was trying to deflect attention from his own horrific performance. He and his fellow prosecutor made blatant attempts to skirt legal justice and distort the Rittenhouse case. Mathewson called him out for both his corruption and his ineptitude.

Like most self-involved bureaucrats, Kraus hates criticism, warranted or not. What happens when they blast off in retaliation is obvious. They know they’re in the wrong. They’re trying to divert people’s attention.

That becomes even more obvious when you attack something that never even happened. Kraus made a bizarre comment recently. He insisted that he and Binger were not gay lovers. Where did that denial come from? Who accused them of being homosexual? Did anyone?

Well, we’re confused; since no one ever made even the slight insinuation such was true. This appears to be a trademark attempt to divert scrutiny using the old “homophobic” tag. Nice try, James Kraus, but it isn’t working. You’re just a bad lawyer who “can’t handle the truth”.

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