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President Trump Makes HUGE Statement on 2024 Election Bid (VIDEO)

With 2022 upon us and just being less than 3 years away from the next Presidential election, everyone is still wondering whether or not President Trump will run once again in 2024 and help us reclaim our country.

At this point, I hope that Democrats have learned the error of their way because when you vote for a piece of trash like Joe Biden who insults everyone because he can’t take the heat, and makes horrible decisions that run our economy into the ground, that’s exactly what you get.

We tried to warn everyone what would happen if Joe Biden was put in the Oval Office, but they were just so blinded by their Trump Derangement Syndrome that they could do see nothing but get rid of President Trump at any cost.

Well, we may actually have an answer now. I wouldn’t call it official, but it is as close to being official without it being official.

This does come from the mouth of President Trump himself.

During a round of golf at one of President Trump’s golf clubs, he and the guys were just talking and having a good time and one of the men says, “First on tee, the 45th President of the United States”. That’s when President Trump corrects him and says, “45th and 47th” and they start cheering for him.

Is this really it? Did he really just announce that he is planning on running once again? I honestly think that he will and I think that with all things being fair, he will win. I still believe he won in 2020, but at this point we’re not going to be able to overturn that and do anything about it. We’re stuck with Joe Biden until January 20, 2025. But after that, President Trump will hopefully be back in charge and can save our country.

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