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President Biden Served ‘Deplorable’ Accusation – Trump Official Ortagus Claims Joe’s Ukraine Response Neglects Americans

President Biden Served ‘Deplorable’ Accusation – Trump Official Ortagus Claims Joe’s Ukraine Response Neglects Americans

What’s Happening:

Americans were disgusted after Joe Biden’s recent interview on NBC News. Lester Holt asked him point-blank what he’d do about Americans stuck in Ukraine. It’s no secret that many fear what Russia will do in the coming days and weeks.

If they invade Ukraine, Americans who currently live there (which could number in the tens of thousands) will be in serious danger.

A real president would leave no stone unturned in working to deliver Americans out of harm’s way. Former Trump official Morgan Ortagus, who worked in the State Department, revealed they did just that in 2020 for over 100,000 Americans.

What Biden said, that shocked the world, has Ortagus outraged. And she blasted this poor excuse for a president. From The Daily Caller:


Morgan Ortagus, a former State Department spokeswoman under the Trump administration, pulled no punches criticizing President Joe Biden’s handling of the Ukraine and Russia conflict, the United States’ response to ongoing genocide in China and discussing her own congressional bid.

Morgan Ortagus ripped Biden to shreds over his comments about Ukraine. Holt asked him if he would help fleeing Americans, should Ukraine be invaded by Russia. The “president” clearly stated he would do nothing to help Americans facing serious danger. Ortagus said that is “not how we treat Americans.” She said the Trump administration was able to re-patriot over 100,000 Americans during 2020—from many countries.

Yet Biden can’t ensure Americans from Ukraine can come home? Ortagus blasted Biden, saying his administration is “woefully inept.” It’s hard to argue with that assessment, based on what we’ve all seen. Biden’s State Department sat on its hands as the Taliban invaded Afghanistan. A new report from our military (which Biden refuses to acknowledge) revealed that State Department staff were literally drunk and hiding under tables as the Taliban approached Kabul.

They were pathetically unprepared to deal with the invasion, nor did they even have a ghost of a plan to evacuate Americans.

But now, they’ve had plenty of time to prepare a plan for Ukraine. Russia shouldn’t even be hinting at invasion—had Biden actually stood up to Putin. But at the very least, the State Department should have been spending the last few months compiling the names of Americans in Ukraine, contacting them, and preparing flights out.

Biden is admitting… they’ve done nothing.

This Russian invasion could be much worse than what we saw in Afghanistan. It could lead to greater conflict across Europe. Yet Biden sleepily dismisses everything, because it’s not part of the script the radical left gave him.

It’s high time this incompetent president is given the boot.

Key Takeaways:

  • Former Trump official Morgan Ortagus blasted Biden for abandoning Americans.
  • She revealed Trump’s State Department was able to re-patriot 100,000 Americans in 2020.
  • Biden refuses to help Americans flee Ukraine, even as Russia prepares to invade.

Source: Daily Caller



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