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President Biden Gets Abandoned By His Own Team – 3 Negotiators Bail On Joe, Claiming He Is “Too Soft On Iran”

President Biden Gets Abandoned By His Own Team – 3 Negotiators Bail On Joe, Claiming He Is “Too Soft On Iran”

What’s Happening:

Just how bad is the Biden administration? Sure, people might dismiss us, because we are patriots. But it’s getting harder and harder for the left to pretend like this presidency is a success. All you have to do is look at Biden’s track record overseas.

We all know how he failed in Afghanistan. Now, many fear what might happen in Ukraine. But the worst is yet to come as we deal with power-hungry regimes like China and Iran. The Middle Eastern country continues to push for nuclear weapons. And Biden is doing so badly, he just lost three negotiators.

From Daily Wire:

Three Biden administration negotiators working on trying to get Iran to enter a nuclear deal have left the team because they reportedly believed that Democrat President Joe Biden was being too soft on Iran…

“The divisions come at a pivotal time, with U.S. and European officials warning that only a few weeks remain to rescue the 2015 deal before Iran acquires the know-how and capability to quickly produce enough nuclear fuel for a bomb,” the report added.

Three negotiators left Biden’s team, saying his administration is going “too soft” on rogue state Iran. Keep in mind, Iran is a country that has vowed to wipe our ally, Israel off the map. People in Iran are often seen chanting “Death to America.” And their government is hellbent on acquiring a nuke.

Yet Biden is going soft on them?

Just how bad can a presidency get? It didn’t take much for Trump to keep Iran in check. On his watch, the country had to comply with his terms or suffer harsh sanctions. Yet Biden is all too happy to lift those sanctions, paving the way for a nuclear-capable Iran.

The world can’t afford a nuclear Iran. And the people leaving the talks were the few left who wanted to hold Iran in check. Why on earth is anyone in the administration thinking about playing nice with this country? There is no reason, political or otherwise, that Biden should go soft on them.

It’s so bad, though, three top negotiators left in frustration.

Key Takeaways:

  • Three negotiators quit, saying Biden is too soft on Iran.
  • This comes as Iran seeks to acquire a nuclear bomb.
  • Biden refuses to maintain tough sanctions on the dangerous country.

Source: Daily Wire



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