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President Biden Flattened By Latest Report – Wholesale Inflation And Gas Prices Just Dropped Jaws Across America

President Biden Flattened By Latest Report – Wholesale Inflation And Gas Prices Just Dropped Jaws Across America

What’s Happening:

Does anyone still think Joe Biden has any idea what he is doing? Sure, the media might deflect and blame other factors. But most Americans will agree that the economic problems hitting their tables are largely thanks to old Joe. And things are getting worse, not better.

When prices started to rise last year, the administration shrugged them off. They said it was temporary. I guess being a rich liberal in D.C. means you don’t care about silly things like gas prices and the cost of food. But now, the verdict is in. And things are worse than they’ve been in a long time.

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Yep, gas prices are up by a dollar from last year. And that number is much worse if you live in a blue state. But that’s just for starters. Wholesale inflation is breaking records, making Jimmy Carter’s failures look like successes.

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The media can make up reasons all they want, but we know the truth. The reason prices for nearly everything are getting so high is because of Biden’s mismanagement and socialist policies. Let’s talk about gas prices. The average cost of fuel is up by a dollar over last year. If you live near a big city, it’s probably up by more than that. Even “oil-loving” Texas is seeing a spike in gas costs. And they are getting higher each month.

Is this a surprise? Biden promised during the election that he’d shut down the oil industry. I guess voters didn’t believe him. But they are believing him now. His policies shut down drilling, killed the pipeline, restricted oil and gas production, and put a strain on shipping fuel across the country. Meanwhile, he lets foreign countries run away with the energy market.

Of course, the prices are going up. Yet Biden doesn’t seem to care.

And this wholesale inflation thing is only getting worse. That’s thanks to Biden, who triggered an avalanche of inflation with his reckless “stimulus” bill from last year. That not only lowered the value of the dollar but kept millions of Americans out of work for nearly a year. What do you think that does to an economy? It doesn’t help, I can tell you that.

And that doesn’t even factor in the supply chain breakdown, his mandates, and other bad decisions driven by radical policy. Despite all this, the media pretends like it isn’t his fault. That this is just a big mystery.

Voters know better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gas prices continue to rise, beating last year’s high prices.
  • Wholesale inflation is up 9.7% over the last year.
  • These economic crises were triggered by Biden, who ignores them.

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