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Popeye’s Faces Backlash After Discriminating Against Particular Demographic

Often, when assessing a particular political policy, we attempt to attach some sense of logic to them. Politics can rarely claim such a thing, being logical, that is. The test of government programs and bureaucratic institutions must apply a single premise. Do they work?

Most clearly do not. One problem plaguing dozens of America’s largest cities is homelessness. It’s a dirty little secret many try to avoid talking about. Liberal politicians are especially skilled at hiding things. Homeless people are bad for the city’s image, but of course, they are.

One liberal city statistic may surprise you. But then again, maybe it won’t. In data available through the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the agency entrusted with housing, liberal Democrats run all the top-10 U.S. cities with the worst homeless crisis.

A vast majority of cities, which can proudly claim a spot on this unflattering list, are in warmer climates; see California. In addition, it’s common knowledge that California is the poster child for radical liberal policies. California is the “bluest” state in the country, by far.

To make sure that “warm, appealing weather” doesn’t get wrongfully labeled as being a breeding ground for homelessness; California has a nine times worse homeless crisis than the “Sunshine State”, conservative Florida. Homelessness is obviously not just about the weather.

Moreover, one liberally created cesspool, New York City, cold and gloomy as it can become in the wintry months, sits atop the leaderboard. Seattle, never known for its balmy beach-like climate, earns second honors. Homeless people are scattered about these cities like stray dogs.

In some respects, stray dogs are treated better. Moving on, Washington, D.C. and Boston both make the dubious top-10 as well. Now, expanding the homeless question to entire states, Pennsylvania slides into the top-10, barely edging out Georgia and Ohio for eighth-place.

For the record, Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s shining beacon to what it means to be a liberal city. Nevertheless, it seems residents, including those who have homes, can get a lot more than just a genuine Philly Cheese Steak in the City of Brotherly Love.

If you’re looking to add to your bed bug collection, Philadelphia sits at number one in the nation for the prevalence of these gnarly little pests. Philadelphia also earns a third place ribbon for the most cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in the nation.

Now, when we connect these two odd distinctions, it’s not surprising Philadelphia, while not in the illustrious top-10 city class, also earns poor marks for its homelessness problem. Philadelphia is responsible for a huge portion of Pennsylvania’s eighth-worst ranking as a state.

Philadelphia is a liberal city, as liberal as they come outside of the far-left metropolises in California and the “Big Apple”. Like every one of the cities with a massive homelessness crisis, Philadelphia liberals basically ignore the problem. Maybe people won’t notice.

However, a Fox Business report proves that not all Philadelphia businesses are ignorant about the existence of the homeless. In fact, one establishment announced that it’s well aware that the homeless exist in central Philadelphia. They just don’t want to see them.

In true liberal form, they don’t want anything to do with the problem. A Popeye’s Chicken franchise in Philadelphia posted a sign letting homeless people know how they felt about a horrific state of human despair and hopelessness.

Popeye’s, make no bones about it, doesn’t want anything to do with homeless people. Despite being a total violation of American freedoms, this Popeye’s refuses to allow homeless people inside the restaurant. Management put up a sign explicitly announcing as much.

Their insensitive stance towards a problem that thousands of homeless people do not create themselves was hammered on Twitter. One user said that this Popeye’s, located at 15th and Chestnut Street, “Seems to have a problem understanding human dignity.”

A spokesperson for the franchise tried to deflect attention from the obviously discriminating policy. This individual said that anyone can still come inside to get warm. They also said that some may receive a free meal. However, that’s not what the sign says.

The sign is explicit. Homeless people, even if they have money, gifted to them by a generous soul to purchase food, they are not welcome at this Popeye’s establishment. The sign doesn’t say a lot about this particular franchise’s sense of “the festive holiday season”, either.

Beyond being insensitively rigid, it’s downright Scrooge-like. Maybe the next Popeye’s sign will post a quote to further exude their lack of holiday spirit. “Are there no prisons?” “Are there no workhouses?”

As referenced in one ageless, famous tale of Christmas spirit, or a lack thereof, many of the homeless and destitute would rather die than enter such. Maybe Popeye’s will reply, “If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus ‘homeless’ population.”

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

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