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Police Officer Delivers Lady’s DoorDash Order – The Reason is Hilarious

One thing that has come out of this pandemic that is actually pretty good is that there has been a growth of delivery services whether that be your groceries or fast food or even alcoholic beverages now.

In my opinion, this is actually good because some people are just too busy or maybe they are uncomfortable with going out inside stores and so having someone that is able to come deliver things for you is really a great service to humanity.

I typically only use grocery services because I’m usually too busy to go get groceries and my wife is usually too busy to go get groceries.

Fortunately, we are able to use delivery services like Instacart and others well they can just deliver it for us. Worst case scenario is that we schedule a pickup and we simply drive to the store tell them we’re there and then they bring the groceries out to our car for us.

No matter which way you cut it, we are reducing our time spent doing these activities which works great for us.

However, I think that most people probably use services like DoorDash more than grocery delivery services. Which brings me to our story today.

A police officer recently showed up at a woman’s door to deliver her DoorDash order from Arby’s. The reason that the officer was delivering the order though was because he had just arrested the person who was supposed to be bringing the food in the first place.

“I know I’m not who you were expecting, uh but,” he tells the shocked customer, “your driver got arrested for some things he didn’t take care of.”

“So I figured I could complete the DoorDash for you!” he tells her as they both burst out laughing. “Take care!”

According to Tea Storm Chasers, to whom Elsinger initially sent the video, the officer’s name is Sam Buhr — and he is being hailed a hero in the comments.

Elsinger told local news site Pigeon 605 that she knew something was up with her order when the tracker froze en route, just a few blocks from her house. When she looked out the window she spotted a patrol car had pulled over a driver, and figured that was the end of her lunch. Then the doorbell rang.

“He giggled as he walked away too,” she recalled.

According to the outlet, the driver was pulled over for a traffic violation, when officers discovered he had outstanding warrants.

The TikTok now has almost 12million views.

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