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Police Discover Gun Hidden By Inmates in “Crаppy” Hiding Spot

Did you ever see the movie The Godfather?

It really is one of those classic movies that people should see. I’ve watched it a handful of times in my life and I’d watch it again.

The next little bit could be a little bit of a spoiler alert, but geez, if you haven’t watched the movie after 50 years what I am supposed to do?

Anyway, there is a scene in which Michael Corleone shows up at a restaurant to discuss “business” with another man. After some time, Michael gets up to go to the bathroom. He’s searched by another man to make sure he didn’t have any weapons before leaving. Then he proceeds to the bathroom and locates a gun that was hidden behind a toilet and proceeds to end the life of the man he was meeting as well as the crony.

If you ever watched The Sopranos, this was actually Tony Soprano’s favorite scene from the movie. If you haven’t seen it before, it is a classic scene.

Something similar happened in real life, though not anywhere near as exciting as this scene from The Godfather. Police found a gun that was hidden inside of a bathroom as well that was used by detainees inside of the NYPD’s 110th precinct.

Except it wasn’t behind a toilet…they found the weapon UNDER the toilet, along with several rounds of ammunition.

According to the New York Post,

The rusty gun, discovered by a building maintenance worker, was inoperable due to the disintegration of the slide and a broken trigger.

The .32 caliber weapon was found with a magazine with four rounds loaded inside, police sources said.

Photos obtained by The Post show the handgun, weathered from humidity, apparently stowed below a toilet in a small cranny beside the drain pipe in a narrow bathroom stall.

Police have no clue how long the gun had been below the toilet, but have launched an investigation, according to police sources.

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