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Pete Buttigieg Announces New Federal Strategy to Combat Traffic Fatalities (VIDEO)

If the Biden regime gets its way we will be on our way to a Marxist utopia. Of course, by this time they will be the ones that are in charge because they have prevented conservatives from being able to even win in an election.

If I were going to try to say something nice about liberals I suppose it would have to be that in some areas they do seem to want good things. Take Biden’s transportation secretary Pete Buttigiege for example.

Last week he announced that there is going to be a new strategy in order to help with infrastructure in a way that actually helps to prevent traffic deaths. This is a great idea I wish that there would be zero deaths from traffic as well.

“Our goal is zero deaths, a country where one day nobody has to say goodbye to a loved one because of a traffic crash. I understand the scale of the challenge and the ambition represented by that goal,” Buttigieg said.

“We cannot tolerate the continuing crisis of roadway deaths in America. These deaths are preventable, and that’s why we’re launching the National Roadway Safety Strategy today – a bold, comprehensive plan, with significant new funding from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” Buttigieg said.

“We will work with every level of government and industry to deliver results, because every driver, passenger, and pedestrian should be certain that they’re going to arrive at their destination safely, every time,” he said.

Look, we’ve got to be realistic here. What he really means is that he wants everything to be public transportation. I don’t know if he knows this but buses crash, planes crash, and trains derail and crash as well. Plus…where’s the privacy?

The only way that I believe we’ll ever get to a point of zero car accidents is if we make all cars automated which will require some major leaps in the way roads are constructed.

AP reported,

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is pledging to tackle rising traffic fatalities through a national strategy aimed at reducing speed, redesigning roads and enhancing car safety features such as automatic emergency braking.

Buttigieg said his department is embracing a new “safe system” approach urged by auto safety advocates to bolster initiatives, underway in several cities, that seek to eliminate fatalities by taking into account more than just driver behavior.

Over the next two years, he said, his department will provide guidance as well as $5 billion in grants to states to spur lower speed limits and embrace safer road design such as dedicated bike and bus lanes, better lighting and crosswalks. When roads become safer for bicyclists and pedestrians, that opens up transit options overall and can lead to fewer dangerous cars on the road, he said.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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