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Pelosi Uses Commission To Cover Up Report Showing She Was Behind Security Blunder On January 6th

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to launch the 1/6 commission because she is trying to change the historical record after multiple reports show that she was behind many of the security blunders on January 6th.

A report has found that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was involved in the security failures that occurred at the Capitol on January 6th. 

A report from the Daily Caller has discovered that Pelosi spoke with the House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving and expressed that she didn’t want the National Guard on the Capitol grounds. 

According to the Daily Caller, three sources under the condition of anonymity confirmed Pelosi demanded the National Guard not help the Capitol Police. 

From the Daily Caller:

Pelosi’s office had previously impressed upon Irving that the National Guard was to remain off Capitol Grounds, Irving allegedly told House Admin. The discussions, which centered around “optics,” allegedly occurred in the months prior to the Jan. 6 riot, during a time when deployment of federal resources for civil unrest was unpopular with Democrats and many members of Congress.

The three sources who confirmed the discussion to the Daily Caller did so under the condition of anonymity, citing the fear of putting a chill on further witnesses to how the security situation unfolded Jan. 6.

This flies in the face of what Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hammill said. 

“The Speaker’s Office has made it clear publicly and repeatedly that our office was not consulted or contacted concerning any request for the National Guard ahead of January 6th. That has been confirmed by former Sergeant at Arms Irving in sworn testimony before Senate committees. The Speaker expects security professionals to make security decisions and to briefed about those decisions,” Hammill said.

“It is our understanding that Committee on House Administration Ranking Republican Member Davis was briefed in advance of January 6th about security preparedness, but took no action to address any security concerns that he might have had,” he concluded.

So far Irving’s testimony is not jiving with the official timeline. Pelosi approved the request for the National Guard at 1:43pm however, Irving testified that he requested troops after 2pm. 

“If you believe Irving’s timeline that he testified under oath to, how could he ask for permission from the Speaker 20 minutes before he got the request?” One source familiar told the Caller.

“Also if you believe his sworn testimony that he never had to run the request up the chain, why did the Speaker’s office confirm he did just that?” the source continued.

Another source familiar with conversations said, “Irving is covering for Pelosi. There’s no doubt.”

Daily Caller

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