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Pelosi Brings In Emotional Support Animals During Memorial Services

We are losing veterans to suicide at an alarming rate because people who occupy the Capitol sent them to war. Those veterans are lacking the care that they need when they get home because of many who work inside the Capitol, so forgive me if I roll my eyes at what Pelosi did to comfort staffers, politicians, and reporters.

Many of the veterans we are losing are due to PTSD from combat zones however after 1/6 we had multiple reporters and congressional members claim they now have PTSD. In response, Pelosi allowed emotional support animals into the Capitol to comfort politicians, staffers, and reporters traumatized by 1/6.

The entire day was, well, cringy and the Democrats were so traumatized they were trying to raise campaigns funds off it.

In another moment of cringy irony, Pelosi introduced Lin Manuel and the cast of Hamilton to sing “Dear Theodosia.” For those unfamiliar with the musical the song is about hope for the future however, the whole presentation was worse than the 2020 DNC National Convention. What is also ironic about Pelosi’s decision is none of those arrested for their behavior on 1/6 have been charged with insurrection but, Alexander Hamilton was an actual insurrectionist.

Remember in 2000 and 2004 when Democrats claimed that Dick Cheney stole the election? Well, that’s all water under the bridge now and Pelosi even gave him a hug.

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