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Pelosi Accused Of Abusing Power With Capitol Police – Report Claims Nancy Is Making Them Spy On Congress Members

Pelosi Accused Of Abusing Power With Capitol Police – Report Claims Nancy Is Making Them Spy On Congress Members

What’s Happening:

If you think Nancy Pelosi is going to give up her power easily, you’re dreaming. With a red wave poised to wipe Democrats out of the majority in the House, the crooked Speaker could see her glory days vanishing.

She’s already reneged on her promise to bow out after this year. Now, it seems she’s milking J6 to target her enemies across the country.

Pelosi seems to be using the pretense of an “insurrection” to justify harassing Republicans either in Congress or running in 2022. She seems to be looking for dirt to frame them as working with “foreign interests” (despite her long history of working with foreign nations).

And how is she doing this? By sending out Capitol Police to spy on Americans in offices across the country. From Red State:

Another move that caused concern when it occurred was Nancy Pelosi’s elevation of the United States Capitol Police to some kind of personal, partisan defense force, including funding offices all over the country used to gather data on those that just so happen to be political opponents…

“In another document reviewed by POLITICO, one Capitol Police official noted that Farnam directed analysts to run “background checks” on people whom lawmakers planned to meet, including donors and associates. When staff were listed as attending these meetings, Capitol Police intelligence analysts also got asked to check the social media accounts of the staffers…”

Such a fishing expedition happened to Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) and he was none too happy about it. Steve Scalise was also targeted.

In something that sounds like it came out of 1984, Pelosi is reportedly sending out Capitol Police agents to monitor communications between Republicans and others. For some reason, she has the power to set up offices for Capitol Police all over the country, so they’ll be close enough to run “background checks” on people meeting with lawmakers.

Is this Star Wars? Are we living under a brutal, imperial regime? Since when can Capitol Police operate outside the U.S. Capitol? These aren’t FBI agents. Nor should they have the power to go after people, simply because they are Republicans.

According to reports, Pelosi’s Gestapo tried to fish up dirt on Republicans Steve Scalise (who you’ll remember was nearly assassinated by a leftist) and Sen. Rick Scott.

These “analysts” are sifting through tax and real estate records, hoping to find something on Republicans. This, after the years we’ve heard about Democrats getting sweetheart deals from their allies and rubbing shoulders with actual foreign spies.

Why isn’t Pelosi going after Eric Swalwell, who got so close to a Chinese spy that the FBI had to intervene? That was an actual red flag. Yet Heir Pelosi thinks it’s appropriate to slander Republicans just a few months from a crucial election.

This is the kind of thing dictators do. Not law-abiding members of a democratic republic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nancy Pelosi was exposed for using Capitol Police to spy on Republicans.
  • Capitol Police have offices across America, searching through lawmakers’ histories.
  • Pelosi is trying to find dirt to slander Republicans, just months before the election.

Source: Red State



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