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Patriots Step Up to Feed the Hungry After Organization Refuses to Feed “Lepers” (VIDEO)

There are many government programs that are supposedly designed to try to help the less fortunate people in our country. This is one of the justifications as to why we have such high taxes in America.

These taxes are supposed to go to help everyone who needs it and is less fortunate than we are.

However, studies have shown for decades that programs like this do not maximize the amount of good that could be done with that money.

Instead, when people are able to keep their own money instead of having it stolen from them by the government they are more inclined to help others and know how to help others better than the government does.

I’m going to give you the clearest example of this which was recently seen in Spokane WA.

So Spokane held some sort of food program in order to help people who are either homeless or need some help with food or something for the holidays. This was held by the Christmas Bureau, which is an annual holiday assistance program that is run and coordinated between several organizations such as Catholic Charities Eastern Washington, Volunteers of America, and the Spokesman-Review.

But this year things were a little different as they decided that in order for any homeless individual or somebody who needs the help to be able to receive help from this organization you’re going to have to prove that you’ve had a (sharp thing poked in your arm) or have tested negative within the past 72 hours.

This is appalling but thankfully there are some people out there who aren’t tied up with the government or these ridiculous organizations who want to help people regardless.

People stepped up and they held their own food drive in which everyone was welcome. Take a look at how these patriots helped out.

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