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Over 150 People Killed in One Texas County by Suspects Released on Bail

Liberal politicians throughout the United States scream to defund the police and make drastic changes to our bail system. Even when our dedicated law enforcement officers can do their jobs, these radicals push policies that put violent criminals back on the streets.

Senseless liberal bail guidelines have proclaimed a death sentence for our communities. In one Texas county alone, over 150 people have been killed by suspects who were released on bail. Harris County, Texas has 113 suspected murders walking the streets, free on bond.

Across the entire country, it is estimated that 50,000 serious felons have been released back into the public. Most posted paltry bond amounts. One such incident allowed a violent offender in Waukesha, Wisconsin to mow through a crowd of bystanders at a Christmas parade.

Like the majority of the criminals freed in Harris County, Darrell Brooks was released on an astonishingly low $1,000 bail. Brooks, who was arrested for trying to run over his ex-girlfriend with a vehicle, plowed his maroon SUV into the crowd of parade spectators.

He posted a $1,000 and then killed people. It was a horrific tragedy. Just like thousands of violent crimes across the United States, individuals who should be locked behind bars are committing them. In Harris County, bail release numbers only focused on murders.

This is shocking when you apply any level of common sense. When someone is accused of one murder, there isn’t much that the legal system can add to any conviction. There will only be one penalty no matter how many times they kill.

If the death penalty is an option in the state, the person can only be executed once. There can only be one life sentence served for any number of murders. Why not kill again? In essence, the current crop of liberal reform-minded judges and prosecutors are killing innocent citizens.

Every community pushing for no or low bail has watched crime skyrocket. It’s no wonder. Law enforcement is arresting people who commit violent crimes. However, these radical prosecutors are letting them walk free. Many of those arrested are dangerous career criminals.

They are not going to be all grateful because they’re released via a low bail. These are criminals. They are manipulating the system. Once they’re back out on the streets, they go right back to committing crimes. Frequently, these crimes are murder.

With no deterrent to stop them, they proceed to take another human life. Spineless State’s Attorney and liberal judges must be held accountable. If prosecutors allow murders back on the street to kill again, they must face consequences themselves. They are complicit in murder.

Subsequent murders after suspects are released on bail must include charges against the prosecutor or judge who allowed it. If convicted, the radical liberals who put them back on the street will be charged as “accessory after the fact”. Feeble bail laws will change. You can count on that.

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