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Oops! She Did It Again! Britney Spears Shows Off Her “Newfound Freedom” on Instagram, and a Whole Lot More!

Ever wonder why Britney Spears had to struggle so hard to get out from under a strangling conservatorship? Those who argued to maintain the conservatorship insisted the famous bombshell singer lacked self-control.

A recent Instagram post by the toxic female vocalist may help to support their assertions. The 40-year-old pop phenomenon posted some very risqué photographs on the social media platform.

Spears’ caption read, “Free woman energy has never felt better.” Seems Britney freed a little more than just her “inner energy”. Her pictures were free of another thing, clothing. Spears’ snapped her self-portrait facing a mirror.

To exalt in her “newfound freedom”, Britney wore nothing but a pair of seductive white stockings and a white choker collar. She wasn’t wearing any pants and no top. Apparently, in an effort to not appear totally pornographic, Spears cover her boobs and crossed her legs.

Nevertheless, the photo still required a little photo editing to keep it from being a full-frontal nude. Britney colorfully used the artistic design of the “emoji”. She put a flower emoji over her breasts a pink heart between her legs.

We’re not sure if the pink heart was used for covering up, or for indicating her fondness for her bush, or lack thereof. Comments were turned off on her most recent scantily clad photographic adventure.


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Ever since Britney won her case against her father Jamie Spears, she has grown increasingly more brazen. After a judge ruled for the Grammy Award-winning singer and evaporated the conservatorship, Britney has frequently exposed her newfound “free women” status.

Her go-to form of expression is to expose herself. However, there may be some truth to the idea that she still lacks sound judgment. Apparently, Spears has entrusted this judgment to her new fiancé, Sam Asghari. Britney insists that Asghari is calling all the shots.

Sources close to Britney say, “Sam is the boss, acting as her manager until a new one can be hired.” Most seem welcome to Britney Spears’ new freedoms. Being an adult, stamped under the thumb of a controlling father, would seem agonizingly burdensome.

However, most of her inner circle, those who defended the conservatorship as essential, worried about these types of oversights in good judgment. Regardless of how we feel about Britney’s newly discovered freedom, her recent Instagram post did have one oversight, clothing.

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