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Ohio Mayor Wants Water Tower Painted Due to ‘Negative Racial Overtones’

Often, the radical left’s mindset defies logic. If it somehow contradicts their insane ideology, they want it cancelled. The progressive movement has pushed for statues to be yanked down. They’ve screamed over school names that honor America’s most heroic men and women.

Their biggest underlying motive is some crazy sense that everything in America is racist. Roads have been determined to be racist. The names on bridges, school buildings, and other public structures have been accused of expressing white supremacy. They don’t.

For most Americans, it’s an unacceptable assault on our national values. Most of the things this radical ideology attack have nothing to do with race. However, sometimes the things these lunatics want erased are even more absurd than normal.

One criticism came from an Ohio mayor. Tom Mackin is a liberal Democrat. Mackin is the mayor of Perrysburg, Ohio. As the elected leader of Perrysburg, Mackin isn’t so much concerned with crime, the personal happiness of Perrysburg’s citizens, or the condition of its schools.

Mackin seems to think that every bad thing that befalls Perrysburg, Ohio can be cured by fixing a water tower. Now, Perrysburg’s water tower isn’t leaky, and it’s not an ugly, old rusty eyesore. Perrysburg’s water town is actually painted quite nicely.

For Mackin, that’s the whole issue. The water tower overlooking the peaceful Ohio town has a series of silhouettes. Again, this is probably not what concerns the liberal mayor. Mackin has an issue with the color of these silhouettes. They’re painted in black.

They’re silhouettes, for heaven’s sake. But, because they’re black, the liberal Perrysburg mayor thinks they are hampering racial unity in his community. Again, they’re silhouettes! In fact, these artful images portray a community of unity. They depict residents having fun.

They’re silhouettes showing a person enjoying a bike ride, plus a young boy playing ball. The images clearly promote a unifying family atmosphere. But this crazy liberal mayor has a problem with the color. If this weren’t so crazy, we’d think it was a made-up story. It’s not.

The color of the silhouettes makes no difference whatsoever. They could be green, yellow, or orange. But for some crazy reason, because they’re black, that makes them racist. It’s so stupid, it’s absurd. Like most weak politicians, Perrysburg’s city council caved into the woke demands.

They voted, not to remove the silhouettes, but to alter the color, as if that makes a lot of difference. Just for the record, this little woke adjustment will cost Perrysburg taxpayers close to $500,000. Blue, black, pink, or green, it’s all insane.

Thankfully, the old silhouettes will remain on the water tower. But now they’ll be cobalt blue. What might be next? Sign-waving ancestors of the “Blue People” march in protest on Perrysburg? Maybe Perrysburg will try “vomit green” next. That’s the color that comes to mind.

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