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New York Judge Rules Against Democrat Governor – He Decides That Her Mandate Is Unlawful, Void And Unenforceable

New York Judge Rules Against Democrat Governor – He Decides That Her Mandate Is Unlawful, Void And Unenforceable

What’s Happening:

It seems like the worm has turned in the 2020 crisis, at least for some people. If you live in a free state, you’ve probably gotten back to normal (for the most part) a long time ago. Not so in super blue states, including New York. B

ut more and more liberals are getting sick and tired of Democrats’ harsh restrictions. And things could be changing.

In New York, the relatively new governor kept in place some of Cuomo’s harsh mandates. That includes rules that affected anyone in the public as well as schools. People were forced to wear masks, no matter what. But the case was brought before the state’s Supreme Court. And they are giving Gov. Hochul the bad news.

From Fox News:

A New York judge on Monday ruled that Gov. Kathy Hochul’s effort to reinstate the state’s mask mandate is unlawful and “therefore void and unenforceable.”

State Supreme Court Judge Thomas Rademaker said the state Department of Health did not have the legal authority to implement the mandate — and should have been approved by the state Legislature.

Ouch. The state Supreme Court was brutal in its knockdown of Hochul’s mask mandate. They ruled it was unlawful because the governor implemented it with the consent or involvement of the state’s legislature. Because of that, one of the judges said it was “void and unenforceable.”

At the peak of the panic, many governors were given “emergency powers” by their states. That meant they had the power to push rules and mandates that carried the weight of law, without approval by the legislature. They did this because, they claimed, the crisis demanded swift movement.

But such measures need to expire eventually. Power needs to be returned to the legislature and the people. Not so with some governors. Governors in California, Michigan, New York, and elsewhere (all blue states) refused to give up their powers. And even those whose emergency powers expired still seemed to think they were allowed to issue mandates like they were dictators.

Thankfully, the New York State Supreme Court did not agree. And they were not shy about issuing their opinion. The mandate was illegal, they say, and so it cannot be enforced by Hochul or anyone else.

If the governor wants to issue a new mandate, she’ll have to rely on the state’s lawmakers—the way our government was intended to function.

Key Takeaways:

  • New York’s Supreme Court knocked down a mask mandate by Gov. Hochul.
  • The court ruled her mandate did not go through the legislature and was illegal.
  • This comes as blue states continue to push radical measures, two years later.

Source: Fox News



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