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New Study Shows SHOCKING and SCARY Results for Vaccinated People Under 60

New Study Shows SHOCKING and SCARY Results for Vaccinated People Under 60

Millions of people have died from this virus across the globe. COVID has changed everyone’s lives. It has been the worst global health crisis in more than a century.

As people begin to try to return to normal, a huge debate is who needs or should get vaccinated. The mainstream media refuses to discuss any narrative that is not specifically in support of vaccines. There is little to no conversation about naturally acquired immunity.

According to the talking heads in the media, including senseless political figures, the inability to stop the spread of COVID is because of the unvaccinated. That is proving to be far from true. In fact, data from a United Kingdom study may prove the complete opposite.

The recent news from one COVID research study has shocked the medical community. Another alarming aspect of the data is the age group it targeted. A graph pointing at the final statistics is astonishing.

In the under-60-years-of-age population in the UK, more people are dying from COVID that have been double vaccinated than those with no vaccination. This completely negates any senseless push for mandatory vaccinations.

These newly released eye-popping statistics further cement the idea that the decision to get vaccinated must be a personal one. There is now an increasing risk of adverse effects from getting the shot. Furthermore, people who are vaccinated are still dying.

The statistics do not lie. Otherwise healthy people are recovering from COVID with little to no complications. In addition, there is solid research indicating that naturally acquired immunity to COVID may be far more robust than any vaccination.

Soon, there will be prescription medications available that could be a game-changer as well. However, in the United States, Joe Biden continues to press on with his tyrannical federal vaccine mandates. He has already implemented a mandate for federal workers.

Biden’s unconstitutional mandate would force all companies with 100 or more employees to guarantee they are all vaccinated or face harsh financial penalties. Honest, hardworking Americans will either submit to the authoritarian mandate or lose their jobs.

How will the administration react when they discover the vaccine is clearly not necessary for everyone, let alone potentially more deadly than the virus itself? This new data out of the UK is alarming. However, it may save more lives than any vaccine. At the very least, it should sound the end to any and all unnecessary vaccine mandates, including those proposed by Joe Biden.

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